Is aspire a blowhard or not?--opinion survey

Recently,aspire released their own 18650 battery,they said on their blog :
"this battery has broken new ground in the e-cigarette niche.
This powerful battery can supply intense power to electric cigarette atomizers, ensuring people who vape regularly can always enjoy a flawless vaping experience. This battery from Aspire is one of the best so far in terms of protection and features, being able to supply enough power to all types of atomizers and protect the device from overcharging or overdischarging."
Aspire stated that this battery is designed for super-sub-ohming(0.3ohm or more low ohm),if users use the low ohm coils,they will find the advantage.
Some friends laugh at aspire,they said that aspire is blowhard . :)
So interesting evaluation.

After thinking,I think it is correct that if a product wonderful or not,it doesn't preen by the manufacturer itself,it is evaluated by the user.
Now,here  is a opinion survey---If aspire a blowhard or not??
Anyone who used this battery can post their experience here,if aspire is a blowhard or not confirmed by you.
I find some evaluation about this battery from other placed,and attach them here:
 Evaluation from "chico winterton" & "polo65"
Also attach a testing made by Craig larsen from Kidney Puncher about aspire 18650 battery.

chico winterton.png
880 x 110 - 21K
1118 x 121 - 27K
aspire 18650 testing.png
1127 x 572 - 284K
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  • I think the answer maybe "yes",no one leaves comment here,haha :D
  • Just wait,I think that practice is the only test of truth :)
  • Ok, I have JUST gone through one charge of the new Aspire 18650 battery in my CF MOD, with my Atlantis v1 with a 0.5ohm coil.

    I'm actually impressed! It felt more consistent though the discharge cycle. My old batteries they would work with strong output then fall off gradually. Before the CF MOD light would even change from blue to orange, I had to charge.

    The Aspire battery today, just ran and ran till the CF MOD light turned orange, then it fell off the cliff. But the reality is I got a lot longer session with Aspire battery.

    But this is just one discharge session. I'm charging now (slow 0.5 amp) so we will see how it fairs after a couple of cycles.

  • Hello,Guz,
    Thank you for sharing your using experience here.

    Wait for more feedback from you. :)
  • Thanks Guz,
    I think that it was a little early for me to give the conclusion
  • Hello,Hack
    I also think so ;)
  • If one more user share his/her good experience with aspire 18650 battery,I think that I can persuade myself to buy some to have a try. ;)
  • @Hack let's wait together.
    More friends will come here and give their answer
    I believe! >:)
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