How to clean the Aspire Nautilus BVC coils

You will never get the coil to perform exactly like a new coil, but you might be able to extend the life of an old coil with this method.

Remove the coil from the base unit. Take the coil and rinse it under HOT water. Keep running hot water through the coil till the wicking material is as clean as you can get it.

Put the coil back into the base unit and screw it onto a battery.

Pulse the battery repeatability. You will get steam generated from heating the coil and the water that is in the wicking materal. Keep pulsing the battery, till no more steam is generated.

Continue pulsing the battery, till the wire inside starts to glow. This help burn off the caramelized juice on the wire.

Once there is no more somke being produced you can fill your tank with your juice and screw the base, coil assembly back on to the tank.

You can then start vaping your juice. WARNING: You will get a burnt taste for a while. Just mouth hit and exhale the vapor repeatedly till the burnt flavor diminishes. You might have to go through a few milliliters of juice to get rid of the burnt taste.

Once the flavor of your juice returns, you can vape normally.

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  • Hi Franktu, I was in contact from an Aspire employee concerning issues with my Nautilus tank. The instruction she sent via an email stipulated that the coil can not be washed with water !!!

    I have 2 Kanger Protank's and regularly wash the coils and dry burn them with no issues and this prolongs the life of the coil. I would also soak the coils in Vodka to remove any excess dirt/grime on the coil.

    Strange that the BVC coils can not be washed or maybe Aspire do not want to promote this so more money is spent in purchasing new coils.
  • Before you get that burnt taste:

    Drop the coils into a pill bottle filled almost to the top with rubbing alcohol. Place the bottle into an ultrasonic cleaner filled with water. Turn on the cleaner for five minutes, remove the pill bottle and shake. Remove the coils and tap gently, upside down on a hard surface. Repeat with new alcohol. Set aside, and let the alcohol evaporate for at least 24 hrs.

    This can double or triple your coil life, depending on your liquid. I use a $5.00 cleaner from E-bay.
  • I have tried Vodka on occasion and it sometimes works to a certain degree depending on the juice that has gummed up the coil. I recommend a new coil if you can find the means.
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