let's say hello to each other--introduce yourself

Either you are a friend from aspire's old forum,or you are a new member here,let's say hello to each other and introduce yourself to us.

I will be the first one to start this game.

I am Tina from aspire marketing department,Nice to meet you.
I am a optimistic girl,I like smile
I am energetic,on weekend,I like go out with my friends,we will climb the mountains or just have a dine together...
I also a quiet girl, sometimes,I will stay in home listen to music or read a book,or play my Guzheng,hope one day,I can show my playing to you. ;)
Now,I hope get all your supporting and understanding,I want to meet more friends here.
Are you ready to introduce yourself to us?
You can show a picture of you here :D
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  • I am a little depressed,there is no one say hello to me! :(

    Why? Maybe i am a snorty girl?

  • Hey hey Tina ! Keep the smile up !
    I'm sure people will come back when they get used to the new forum ;)
    And I would love to see you play Guzheng, what an amazing instrument !
  • OK,

    I'm a single guy, I live in the southwest USA.

    My hobbies are radio control sailplanes (aka gliders) and sailboats. motorcycling.

    I used to work as a Systems Administrator (taking care of computer servers), now I'm semi-retired and work part time in a completely unrelated field.

    I prefer cats over dogs.

    I really like to work with my hands and build or repair things (anything and everything). I joke that if I had to, I could build a house on my own. But I really can.

    My friends know not to hand me anything new, because the first thing I do is take it apart to see how it works. But I always put it back together, sometimes better than it was.

    Which leads to helping people with their "stuff". I enjoy fixing their broken things, from computers to everyday objects that break. Which is why I guess I participate on these forums.

    My long term goal right now is to fix up my house, sell it, and go back to school and get a degree in Physics, and possibly Mathematics (I'm a college drop out). Possibly in a different country (Why? Why not?)

  • Dear Cegoca,

    I will study hard,then one day,I can take a video and show it to you. :)

  • Dear Guz,
    Thank you for introducing yourself to us. :)

    I think you are a kind man,you always help others with your capacity. :)

    Welcome to aspire forum!
  • I am a single guy
    I am originally from Milwaukee, WI
    I am now semi retired in Hamilton, MS
    I play guitar (I have 9 of them)
    I love to read about Great Lakes shipwrecks
    I have 2 dogs (Roxy a miniature schnauzer, and Daisy a schnauzer poodle mix - a schnoodle!)
    I own 2 cars (a 1994 Mercury Sable and a 2003 Honda Accord)
    I am 57 years old (my mind feels younger, my body feels older)
    I have beat epilepsy, cancer, a heart attack and a tornado (I'm a fighter)
    I have been vaping for 3 years
    I am currently employed as a Reproductive Therapist (I fix copy machines)
    I am tired and grumpy and need a nap, now get out of my yard and go home before I call the police!

    (:| (:| (:| I-)
  • Hi, i'm gruntbeard,

    What's there to know?

    well i'm 25 years old and counting.

    I'm from the netherlands.

    I'm unemployed at the moment.

    I play a whole range of instruments from guitars to drums and even things like the trumpet. (I currently own a bassguitar, drums, acoustic guitar, ukelele, keyboardpiano, tinwhistle, warhorn, and multiple amps)

    I also read (lots of sci-fi) play some games here and there (board and video) but ussually hang out with my band to practice for gigs.

    I an currently fighting and beating my obesity by turning up on running and walking every day and eating less fast food.

    I've been vaping for half a year now, before that i smoked about 50-60 sigarettes a day for ten years straight.

    My favorite settup so far is MTL nautilus mini with CFVV+ 1.6 ohm coils but I'm currently vaping the Triton mini with the same basic setup.

    I also have an atlantis with a CF sub ohm battery, which I actually call the canon due to the massive cloud production.

    That's prettymuch it!
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    Groetjes vanuit België ! ;)
    (it means greetings from Belgium in dutch ...)

    How is it in the Netherlands with your (very) early application of the TPD ?
    Is it as strict as it was meant to be ?

    ... But perhaps I'm out of subject here ...
  • Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in a little while.

    I am 48 years old and smoked over 30 years. I started vaping almost 4 years ago and have not touched a cigarette since. I am mostly a MTL vaper, and I really thank the Nautilus for making vaping enjoyable to me. If not for Aspire, I may not have stuck with it.

    I have lived my entire life in Minnesota, in the Minneapolis suburbs.

    I currently own a cat and two tarantulas.

    I work as a supervisor of support staff at a local health clinic.

    Nice to hear from everyone!
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