Aspire Premium kit and Starter kit

Many people approach all-in-one kits with apprehension. This is understandable.

It could be said that all-in-ones take away the magic, the design, the definition of character of the individual who wants to create their own experience while at the same time establishing their own identity.

But with the release of the two Aspire kits, my mind has changed.

On opening the Premium and Starter kits, you are presented with an experience. A sense of detail, of design and of quality with the assurance these vapor kits represent, is something very special and very unique. They seem to be making a statement of “here you are” and “this is how Vaping should be”.

From the crisp straight lines of the packaging which is very well yet simply designed, to the fine curvy metallic angles of the product itself just screams personality.

Whether a beginner or an advanced user, I am absolutely sure that the experience derived from these kits starts from the opening of the packaging and realizing that yes, it is an all-in-one kit, but with an extremely individualistic attitude much akin to the likes of Apple.

How many MacBook’s are in existence roaming the world as I type this? It must be in the Millions. But I am willing to bet that each of those users see their experience as unique, with many even thinking that they were making a statement of their individuality by just owning one. This is the experience presented right from the off when you open these Vaping kits from Aspire. You don’t need to add to it, change it, break it, fix it or mark it. The simple fact is that you have made the choice to purchase and use it as it is, is a statement in unto itself, a statement that says “we are serious about Vaping”.

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