$400 Spent on coils since January HELP

  • Thanks all. I've been going through this since January, so I've gone through plenty of juice, new formula, old formula. It is just a crazy problem. It seems these new coils with the organic cotton just suck. The coil that came in my original tank lasted over a week. Ever since then it's been one per day or more. Totally frustrating. I have upped the wattage and it has helped. I've now got 2 tanks so I keep one primed and one going to avoid FURTHER annoyance. I hope the company figures out the problem soon bc the tank is awesome. When it works.
  • Seems to be a common occurence judging by everything not only on this forum, but on ecf, reddit, etc.

    It's just aspire. Their coil QC is horrendous, and has been since the original aspire BCC. First one that came with it was fantastic, all the 5 packs are terrible. I'm having the same issue.
  • Same problem as mentioned above first coil that come with lasted a week now they burn out after one or two days.Tried high/low voltage still seem to burn out after 1-2 days I use 50/50 juice and vape about 4 ml a day any suggestions
  • @coppekat
    If you and your uncle have the same equipment and juice, you could swap parts until you find the point of failure. Process of elimination.
  • Out of curiosity, are you buying your coils from the same shop, every time?
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