Here Is Every Generation of Aspire’s products we offered,Talk about nostalgia!

Aspire nautilus is the first tank released by Aspire under the brand “Aspire”.  And the aspire 18650 battery is the latest products released by Aspire til now. With the relationship between Aspire and Eigate, Aspire’s factory also an OEM factory that accept orders worldwide.  Now all that’s left is to see the time of every generation of Aspire’s products we offered — let's talk about nostalgia,which is the first aspire product of you?

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  • I use half of the 28 listed products. Anyone else ? :smiley:
  • Wow,cegoca,I want to give you a big hug :)
  • B)

    And I hope there will be lots more in the future ! :)
  • I joined aspire from August ,2014
    This was my first time to know something about electronic cigarette and aspire and aspire nautilus mini.
    Everything was so newfangled.
    Now,nearly one year passed.sometimes,I plaint that time flies .

    How about you?
  • aspire ET-S was my first aspire product,which was recommended by my friend.
    I was shocked by the amazing flavor.Good job
    Keep on! ;)
  • @Hack Thank you so much for your kind supporting :)
  • I stopped buying new Aspire products (and every other company) when they started catering to the cloud chaser. Well, except for coils.

    Aspire needs to start making more tanks like the Nautilus, which is a great tank for the heavy smoker. But we need more. Most ex-smokers do not want to chase clouds or lung hit. We need a better variety of mouth hitting tanks like the nautilus - airflow control and 15-20 watt vaping is optimal for heavy ex-smokers.

    The new Triton tank is a good idea, except it is too complicated with airflow at the top and bottom. heavy ex-smokers need simplicity, not complexity. They also need a skinny drip tip with the ability to change to wider tips IF they want to. Most smokers do not want to start out with wide tips that are wider than a cigarette.
  • It's a 510 on the Triton, so you will be able to put any drip tip you like.
    I also wonder what the 1.8 Ohms (like for the Nautilus) will give.
    Two AFC ... complicated ? Come on ! ;)
  • I just recently parted with my beloved Nautilus and a pack and a half of bvc coils. A friend wanted to quit smoking and she had an iStick copied device that was good but her tank was not so good. It was hard to part but I have also moved on. The Nautilus was like night and day when it came to helping her. I have tried most of the devices shown and they have always been the most solid.
  • @toolsavvy I agree with you, and really thought the Nautilus was the end-all tank. But I won a free Triton, and this thing is awesome with the 1.8 Ohm coil. I love the fully adjustable airflow and the ability to change from warm to cool vaping. And the flavor is awesome! This thing really isn't just for cloud chasers - give it a try. :)
  • I bought a Premium Kit in May. I'm not a fan of the CF VV+ It tends to fall over, and there's no stand available for it. It was retired the day my box MOD arrived.

    The Nautilus Mini was merely good with the CF VV+. The box MOD was a game changer. The Nautilus Mini really performs with it. My only complaint is that the Nautilus Mini can't handle the high VG liquids. I bought the Atlantis 2 for those liquids. Aspire announced the Triton only days after I got the Atlantis 2. I'm hoping the Triton will handle high VG liquids with its 1.8Ω coil.

    I bought a Subtank Mini to compare with Aspire's products. It doesn't have a 10-13W coil so I won't compare it to the Nautilus Mini. The Aspire Atlantis 2 out performs the Subtank Mini. It has better airflow, and the tip stays cool. You can burn your lips with the Subtank. I also think the flavor is better from the Atlantis 2.
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