Aspire upgraded forum---Your suggestion,we are listening here

Dear Aspire's friends,
Aspire upgraded forum has released,if you have any suggestion about our forum,or if you want we to add something you want on this forum,please feel free to let we know.
We are waiting here for your kind suggestion.
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  • Any way you can "quote" someone ?
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    The subjects display then disapear after a few seconds ... No full editor, smileys, attachements ... ???
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    Carriage return (pass to next line) does not function. I already miss the old forum version :( Found the smileys ... but no "negative" ones ... :neutral:
  • Dear Cegoca,
    There is attachement function,you can find it on the left bottom of a post
    And the smileys function on the title panel, :),I have talked with our website administrator:more face symbols

  • Carriage return (pass to next line) does not function. ???
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    The problems I mentioned appeared in Firefox under Android.
    Looks better in Firefox under Win7 but :

    The front page is half empty (and I can't add any image).
    The text cannot be seen but is there (mouse cursor changes to hand to select, but you can't see what).  

    Also the begin of a topic is empty too :

  • Dear Cegoca,
    I am sorry for the inconvenience! :(
    I just tried,the "home" button is working,what's more,I can see the whole text.
    It is so strange,I have passed your problem to our administrator,hope he can find out the problem,if any information,I will let your know.

  • Dear Tina,
    Looks like it's working now :)
  • Now,welcome cegoca to aspire's new forum. :)
  • Thanks Tina ;)

    Just a detail : the smileys don't show in the "preview" mode.

  • I just tested.
    Yes,the smileys don't show in the "preview" mode,I have passed this phenomenon to our administrator.
    He will try to figure the problem out.

  • I am sorry that we can not "quote" someone right now,I will pass this function requirement to our administrator.

    Hope we can "quote" someone in nearly future.

    In order to make aspire's forum better and better,So every suggestion is very important.

  • Allright then, I will keep chasing you with more ... ;)

    Actually, I can't add an image to a post, neither in "url" nor "image" mode.
    I must say I'm not even trying to post it, as the "preview" just gives me a link, not the image.
  • I'm still torn between the new and old.

    I kind of like the new front page showing all the current posts. But trying to jump to the sub sections is not quite intuitive. I keep forgetting to look at the right side of the screen and go to the top 'categories' button.

    I think it's a "English" thing, where we read left to right, so I always look at the left side of the screen for navigation. If there isn't anything there, my brain just shuts down ;)

  • I am also trying my best to get familiar with our new forum. :|

    Is there any other functions you think we should add?

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    Dear Cegoca,

    You couldn't add a image?
    I just tried,the function is working.
    We have two ways to add image.
    First:click the image function button,then attach the URL of the picture.
    The image will be added to the post automatically,you can not see the picture in the "preview" page,after posting,the image will be saw.
    Second:you can click the "Attach a file" button,and attach a pictures from your computer or mobile phone

  • I would like to see the Polling function available again. It is a useful tool in measuring popularity of an idea or product, etc.
  • @charlzrocks I have talked with our administrator,there is something wrong with the poll will takes some times to fix the problem.
    Please wait,if the function is ok,i will let you know.
  • @charlzrocks the polling function is available now,please check.
    Wait for your polling
  • Thanks so much Tina. I have added a new poll in the 'Valuable Suggestions" thread.
  • Really,i will have a look
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