If the 5ml extension replacement tank works on Atlantis 2?

This is Stuart,hi there I have just bought an aspire Atlantis 2 and I have also got the 5ml extension but I can't seem to get the two to fit together... Any help would be appriciated?
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  • @MatthewVersion1 The 5ml Atlantis extention tank will fit on the Atlantis V2 base without an issue, I have it setup currently. But Tina correct, it's better to go with the Atlantis Mega because if you're using the 5ml extension tank it's not compatible with the the top adjustable airflow. There's a forum on here from Aspire that advise it can be used with the V2 base. Best of luck, but look into the Atlantis Mega it's great and I know I'm going to love the Triton even more because of RTA Platform, top fill, and all the airflow options and heat displacement. Looking forward to receiving very soon to give it a full review.
  • Dear Stuart,
    I am sorry to tell you that the 5ml extension replacement tank is made for our Atlantis tank,it is not compatible with our Atlantis 2 or Mega.

    Have a nice day!
  • i just came to ask the same question. thats a shame that it doesnt fit, its annoying to have to refill so often, the sub-ohm coils use a lot of juice quickly so a large tank would make a lot of sense, do you think they will make a large tank available for the Atlantis v2?

  • Hello,Gremlib,
    I am sorry for the inconvenience!
    If customer need large capacity tank,we suggest them to buy the Atlantis mega,the capacity is 5ml.
    It has the same cooling system as the Atlantis 2.
  • I know this is an old post but you might want to let everybody know that sells this that is won't work for the V2. I came here to double check to see if it would work before I bought one and there are a lot of websites that claim it will work for both.
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