ESP 30 Failure

I purchased a ESP 30 mod and just after 7 days the wattage is stuck at 19Watts . the power can not be increased or decreased

any sugestions
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire and sorry to hear that.
    Did the battery still has wattage output?
    Please full charge the battery to have a try.
    If still the same result,as Our after-sale process is :when consumer found what their bought is defective,they can firstly check the security code on our website to confirm if it is original,When customer check it on our website,it should be original,no one check it before you.then ask the dealer for exchange,every dealer is responsible for their products,we need the dealer's help,for we don't see the defective.when any qualiy problems occur, they can ask for exchange from their previous dealer.We will send the replacement to our authorized selles.
    We suggest customer to ask the seller for sevice,for we can not see the defective,if the seller confirm the product is defect,you exchange from the seller,if the seller bought the products from us directly,they can ask us for replacement,if the seller bought the products from our authorized distributors,our authorized distributors will replacement it.

    We promised our direclty retailers,we will send the replacements to them,we also require our authorized distributors ,they need send the replacements to their direclty distributors.

    If our product is defective,the customer exchange from the retailer,if the retailer got the products from us direclty ,it can ask for the replacement from us directly,if the retailer got the product from our authorized distributor,it can ask replacement from our authorized distribtutor.

    Have a nice day!
  • I am a seller in the uk and have sold approx 5 esp 30w mods and all have developed the wattage being frozen issue! This is riddiculous from aspire the product is made out to be the apple iphkne of e cigs however quality and testing of the product is poor
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