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Hi there, my payment went though a few weeks ago, but there has still be no update on my order status. Could you please look into this and let me know the cause of the delay?

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  • Dear Benjamin ,
    Really sorry for your time .
    In early may,we had a holiday .
    The order is shipped by the fastest shipping way .
    Usually you can receive it after 3-4 workdays .
    Don't worry ,you will get the tracking No. late by email .

    Apologize for the trouble again .

    Have a nice day !

    Best Regards !
  • I understand the holiday delay. Do you have an idea of when this order maybe shipped? Im headed out of town in at the end of May and would like to have my order by then. Do you think this is possible?

    Thanks for your quick reply.
  • Dear Benjamin ,
    Thanks for your understanding .
    Don't worry ,I arranged the order .
    It is shipped today ,then you will receive the order after 3-4 workdays.
    I am sure you don't miss it .
    If you have any questions ,please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Sweet Time !

    Best Regards !
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