Aspire Product Line Made a Full-House!

Just received my new Nautilus, Atlantis 2, ESP 30W, alongside with my existing ET-S. This really meet my all year round needs!!

The ET-S
Currently vaping @ 1.8ohm, 4.8V
1) Light, easy to use and maintenance, great on-the-go.
1) Before the tank empty, often I experience gurgling/flooding in the coil. Perhaps I inhaled to hard because of the small airflow.

The Nautilus
Currently vaping @ 1.6ohm, 4.0V, max air flow
1) Just finished my first 5ml of e-liquid. Great mouth to lung hit, big clouds, great flavour, no gurgling, no leaking at all!

The Atlantis 2
Currently vaping @ 0.5ohm, 30W, max air flow, cooling half open.
1) Superb lung hit, huge clouds, minor gurgling, no leaking.
2) Cooling section works effectively.
1) Since the ESP only powered up to 30W, I have no chance to max out the Atlantis 2 capability to 80W.
2) Refill frequency is high, larger tank capacity needed.

I personally prefer lung-mouth hit and be honest with the quality, The Nautilus would be my best choice of all.

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