Nautalis BDC pulling air?

I have 2 of the same setup, nautalis BDC tank and an iTaste variable voltage battery. One setup has worked perfect for months (we'll call it set A), but the second (set B) seems to have a bad connection to the battery. It will pull in only air, producing no smoke or taste at all, and doesn't seem to be burning the liquid (I can usually hear it).
When checking the connection, the display says "non", while the other averages around 1.8. If I put the tank from set B onto the battery from set A, it still doesn't work. Unsurprisingly, the tank from A works find on the battery from B. So that narrows it down to the tank.
I clean both regularly and have tried new coils several times, I just don't know what else to do

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    From you description,i feel a little dizziness.
    Just make confirmation:
    So the tank A is working,the tank B is not working,the battery shows no atomizer?

    Did you try use the coil from tank B on tank A?Is it working?
    Did you change another coil to have a try?
    How long did you own the tank B?

    Have a nice day!
  • Thanks for the reply!
    Correct, tank B is not working and the battery shows no connection. I have tried several new coils which sometimes work for a day or so.
    I've had both sets for several months, but B has always done this sporadically.
  • Wow, I hadn't thought of swapping the coils. I just tried a couple of the old coils with the battery from the good setup, they all showed "non" as well. Maybe I got a bad pack of coils?
    I use the same brand of Aspire coils for both, but I had a different pack for each set.
  • Tank B is not getting a connection at the center connector to the coil. The center connector on the nautilus has a tiny spring in it to make connection with the coil. When the coil is screwed into the base hardware that connector should poke out of the bottom a little and be spring loaded. That connector is what contacts the center post of your battery. Make sure you still have that tiny spring and its not rusty or rusted completely off.


    If its missing you need to get the center connector and insulated ring like shown in the picture.

    Get it here:
    Connector and insulated ring 05
  • Dear thegeodeman2005,

    You are the specialist for aspire's product. :D

    Thank you so much.

    Another suggestion:as thegeodeman2005 said,there is a little spring on the connector pin ,after some time using,the spring may loose elasticity.Customers need change a new connector pin and insulator ring.

    Have a nice day!
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