fluid changing colors

I recently purchased the platinum kit, I have had it for roughly a week. I am noticing that while using it, it changes the color of the fluid to a dark brown color. I have four different flavors two of which are clear and two are yellow. I have tried to change the coil out to no avail. Just wondering what is going on. Also the air intake selector has begun to stick to the point that I have to use something to change the air level. I'm wondering if I purchased a faulty unit
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  • Dear Customer,
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    After checking with our chief engineer,if the e-juice change colors while using,we think that it is something wrong with e-juice,the e-juice can not met heat.

    We suggest you to change another brand e-juice to have a try.

    Best Regards.
  • Well what about the air intake selector (carb)
  • fb_1001232096554732" said:
    Well what about the air intake selector (carb)
    Did you mean the airflow adjustable system on the base hardware?

    If yes,there are four different size airflow hole,users can adjustable the airflow hole to change the airflow.Under general condition,big airflow hole means larger vapor.
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