Atlantis Mega & partnership


I just wanted to check whether you'd be happy if I bought and reviewed your tank for my channel
I'm currently working my way through all the sub ohms out there so really pumped to see what yours can do against the likes of the Innokin iSub etc. I also pretty much own all your products and it was actually the Nautilus tank that started me on the vaping path.
If your happy too, can you help me get one of your tanks upon release, happy to pay of course but really want to review it asap.
I'm pretty new to reviewing but very passionate and very fair in my reviews I.e. if it's good, it's good and ifs it's not, then it's not...
Also, going forwards Id love to be able to review your products on my channel for the UK market which as you know is growing huge.
You can check me out on Twitter and I already follow you. @dakervapours
Look forward to hearing from you.
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