I'd like try free Aspire products before purchase

Hello and Happy Sunday, I wanted to send your company an email in regards to the products that you make. We own a Tattoo studio/Ecig store and also run a large blog about amazing ejuice, mods, coils and supplies. We are always looking for better products to carry on hand and also ones that we can suggest to others. We would love to try some of yours and see if it is something we would be interested in carrying. Do you have a sample pack you can send? or items that you can send that you would like us to try and review? Our staff who would be trying it currently use 24mg strength. We would be more than happy to try anything that you would like us to review and if it fits our needs we would be interested in talking about carrying your products wholesale and also writing amazing reviews on our blog so others can come to your site and order in the meantime. We love spreading the word and carrying great eliquids, batteries, chargers, mods, tanks ect. Thank you in advance we look forward to hearing back for you.
Jessica Mike Skogberg
Skogbergs Tattoos
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