Requesting for Aspire Products to review

My name is Seth Grainger, and I am the owner of Vaping with Grainger. Our websites reviews vaping equipment and e-Juices.
I have read and heard much about your company and I am very interested in reviewing your products.
My viewers are vapors and I believe they would love the information I could provide through a review of your products. If you can provide a sample, I would be delighted to review it for you on our website and all of our social media pages. I know my subscribers would enjoy the information.
I have over twenty eight thousand followers on over ten different social network sites. When my review is done it will be published on our companies website and our companies social networks pages. This means your product will be seen by more than twenty eight thousand vapors.
At your request, I can let you preview the review before it is published. This will allow for any questions or comments to be answered by Vaping with Grainger.
If you would like to see some of our reviews, verify the number of our viewers, or just view our webpages, just go to our Homepage at . Once there just click on the Social media pages tab. There you will find links to all of our pages.

Thank you,
Seth Grainger,
Vaping with Grainger
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  • Dear friend,

    Thank you very much for your email, here is Kiki from marketing team.
    Can you please tell us your shipping information for our reference? We will add you to our reviewers list, next time when we have new products, we will select the reviewers to send out samples, thanks.
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