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Hello my name is't Daniel Goupil I'm from Montréal Canada I just want to inform you that I have a Facebook page since April 1, 2015 on which I do imformatives reviews of e-liquid and e-cigarette I tasted and try before. I RECIVED A LOT OF REQUEST FROM MY READERS FOR A REVIEWS OF YOUR PRODUCTS THE NEW ATLANTIS 2 AND ANY OTHER PRODUCT TOU WANT TO PROMOTED. His page are all to your advantage BECAUSE of the first goal of that page is't not to good or bad review of your products, there is no on this page. The goal on my Facebook page is rather to make known new products to my readers. I'd asked for your generosity by this query, I have seriousely need of E-Liquid AND any E-CIGARETTE DEVICES for my reviews, I ask if it would be possible to send me some samples of your wonderful products I could taste and try them and then share them with my readers and thus make your product know by a multitude of resident Canadians AND américains. I would like to clarify that I do not care any sample for me, I'm going to give one of my page readers at each end of the month gift échantilllons received from you. I Thank You in advance for your generosity. Remember whit me you will be all the great winner and your product will have excellent visibility. Now let's talk about the Facebook page and Twitter account connected to it, as I said to the beginning this page exsite since April 1, 2015 This page already has more than 800 like and very good statistics. This Facebook page is gaining popularity day by day I brought over 7,500 total readers per week and his numbers go up every days, more than 720 people speak of my page on Facebook which is huge number remember this page has only 3 weeks of exsitence. If you decided to give me sample please only 6 mg nicotine for me Follow this other link to see the Facebook page in question. ... 2490411366 For any other questions you can reach me on my Facebook page Daniel Goupil. For all other questions. Seriously, I promise it's worth it. Have a nice day. Daniel Goupil For shipping Sample the shipping address are Daniel Goupil 8543 Saint-Dominique Montréal Quebec Canada H2P-2L6
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  • Dear friend,

    Thank you very much for your email, here is Kiki from marketing team.
    Can you please tell us your shipping information for our reference? We will add you to our reviewers list, next time when we have new products, we will select the reviewers to send out samples, thanks.
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