Magazing asks for Aspire Atlantis 2 to review

To whom it may concern,
Hello, my name is Robert and I do reviews on various electronic cigarette products. I came across your line of products. I am willing to pay the full retail if I have to however, I would like to review and do an article in our new magazine, and was inquiring as to weather there was a price on that. My self and a few other people, rather reputable in the vaping industry are starting another publication besides "Vape Magazine" . We are trying to gather a few venders. We Have a few Mod builders and a few other accessory makers, as well as a few other companies. Again like I said I will pay full retail if I have to but I would like to review a few of the products you have for our magazine. If you do have any questions or concerns please contact me at this email [email protected] or at my personal email [email protected] Again, I think this is going to be an amazing opportunity for both you and us at "Not Smoke Magazine". Im looking forward to hearing from you soon and excited to review any products and get the magazine out. June will be the first issues and unlike the other magazine for our industry this will be a monthly subscription. Thank you again for your time.
Robert Wood
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