Nautilius mini fakes

Hi i just bout two minis and when i scrached the codes they are both the same and have been checked 8500 times. I got them at a licenced vape shop here in Nova Scotia Canada. What should i do. Oh and one glass shattered in my hand while unscrewing it
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  • Dear Maddendw,

    I am sorry to tell you that you got the fake aspire products.

    The security code is on the box,which need customer to scratch and get it,
    When customer check the security code on our website,it should be one check the security code before you.
    If the security code is checked before or doesn't not exist,it is fake aspire product.

    please tell ask the seller for refund.

    We always suggest customers to buy our products from our online store: or from our authorized distributors:,not only for original aspire products,but also for quick after-sale service.

    Have a nice day!
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