Atlantis Mega

I anxiously waited and received the Atlantis Mega only to find out it doesn't fit on the ESP mod. Two new products that don't work together and I have to purchase yet another mod to use it? WTF. I have all these Aspire tanks and batteries where I was hoping I would just need one mod! Now I got a useless Mega tank until I purchase a mod. Which at this point I'm leaning towards other companies! I was really happy with my products until now.
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  • You can always use an adaptor to elevate the connection for 8 mm.
    But anyway, a big Mega on a little ESP box, what a strange look ...
  • The Mega was designed to work on the CF Maxx battery. Some other box mods may be wide enough to use it. No need to get upset at Aspire over this, many people including myself and others on the forum use Aspire tanks on other companies mods. No biggie 8-)
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