cf sub ohm charging

I have the charger that goes with the battery . When I charge. The battery blinks constantly. Both colors 3x then solid orange. First is was doing in sets of 5 now in sets of 2. The charger light has been flashing red and green the entire time. It's been plugged in for at least 8 hrs. Help???
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  • Dear Customer,
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    "I have the charger that goes with the battery"
    Did you buy our platinum kit?
    If no,our CF subohm battery doesn't contains a charger,the charger is sold separately.
    Customers can buy aspire original charger from aspire's online store or from aspire's authorized distributor:

    Aspire's online store:

    If your battery is CF subohm battery,we suggest you to get charger: Input: DC 5V 1200mah,Output: DC 4.2V 1000mah .Otherwise,the charging time will be very long.
    Charging Instructions:
    1.Unscrew the battery from the vaping components.
    2.Gently screw battery into the USB charger.
    3.Plug the USB into the supplied wall charger or computer.
    4.The battery will flash 3 times and then turn solid in color (Orange light in 3.2-3.5V,
    Blue light in 3.5-4.15V).
    5.while charging,the light on the USB charger will flash red and green(red long and green short)
    6.Once fully charged, the USB charger will display a green light, and the LED light on battery will blink 20 times(blue),then turn off.

    Have a nice day!
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