What is sub ohm tank? What you need to run sub ohm tank?

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Now,all kinds of sub ohm tanks flood into the market,almost everyone has a sub ohm tank,however there might not for everyone to know what is sub ohm tank?
The sub ohm tanks,the most important is the coil ,the resistance of the coil can be lowed to 1 ohm.A majority of sub ohm coils are 0.5 ohm coils .
Sub ohm tanks are designed for cloud vapor chaser. Before, you need to purchase a deck named RDA or RBA, and you have to make the coils by yourself. It is very inconvenience,what's more,Not everyone have the specialized knowledge to do that, so this is not available for most of vapers. Now the sub ohm tanks can provides performance similar to even the best RDA or RBA through easy way. That is to see,you can use installed sub ohm coils into the tank ,such as the Aspire Atlantis or Atlantis 2/mega. Ease using, even better taste and vapor production,make the sub ohm tanks a very famous choice for cloud vapor chasers.

Then what you need to run sub ohm tank?
If you want to use the sub ohm coils,you need a battery that can fires the sub ohm coil you want to use.You need make sure the output wattage of your device is enough to fire sub ohm coils,this is very important.
Recently,we received some complains from our customers about our Atlantis 2 tank:why my device said it can fire down to the 0.3 ohm level,when I put my Atlantis 2 tank on my battery,why it shows check the atomizer or low resistance and can not fire?After checking with our customers,we found out that,the maximum output wattage of his battery only 30W. There are three ohm coils for our Atlantis 2 tank,0.3/0.5/1.0ohm,for 0.3ohm coil,it can get better performance under the wattage 70-80W,and 0.5ohm coil we suggested wattage 20-30W,the 1.0 ohm coil,we suggested wattage 40W-50W.If the maximum output wattage of his battery only 30W,he only can use the 0.5 ohm coil with the Atlantis 2 tank on his battery,for the 0.3 and 1.0 ohm coils,the output wattage of his battery is not enough to fire.
So,please Check the specification of your battery first before purchasing a sub ohm tank, if you battery can not fire the sub ohm coil,you may have to upgrade your battery at the same time. We suggest wattage adjustable box mod for sub ohm vaping.

While using high powered battery with low ohm coil.the safety is very important. Please make sure your battery is compatible with your tank. we suggest that it is better to use a battery contains atomizer short protective function.so please make sure that you know how to run sub ohm coil . If you are unsure on anything,please turn to us and leave comment on our forum.http://forum.aspirecig.com/
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