• thegeodeman2005,

    The original Nautilus BVC's always had issues with high VG ratios. Which is why it was recommended that you kept the VG side below 40 (50/50 was pushing it). Now with the cotton wicking and the larger wick holes, it might be possible to go to higher VG ratios. Experimentation is required.

    The CF MAXX battery is sweet. I do have to admit it is big and heavy. But reality, this a sit on a couch watch TV type of setup (for me). I'm still playing around with it, and trying to find my preferred wattage for the 1 ohm coils. If I crank it up to 50 watts, you go through the battery fast. Roughly a tank plus some per charge. Just taking it down a bit and it lasts longer.

    ROFLOL, yea.... damn near happened.
  • Guz

    "50/50 was pushing it"

    50/50 is what I've been using now for a long time or thinner. Never had dry hits unless I over filled my Nautilus not leaving a air gap at the top.

    "The CF MAXX battery is sweet. I do have to admit it is big and heavy. But reality, this a sit on a couch watch TV type of setup"

    That may not bother me if I'm vaping at home. I wish they had made it so you could vape it while its charging. I do worry though that the diameter of Atlantis MEGA may not look right on a smaller box type mod.
  • I'm beginning to understand why Aspire changed to cotton. I emailed a vape shop asking if they had any of the original ceramic coils left.

    They replied no they are not being made anymore they are unsafe to use.

    So now my fear is even if they started to make the ceramic again vape shops will be scared to sell them :(
  • Yeah, that's what I was getting at earlier. It's very widely "known" that the ceramic is unsafe. There are no official scientific tests that I know of but it's a common thought just about everywhere to stick with 100% cotton.
  • I too am having the same issues as CLLL8. Constantly having to clear my throat and lungs feeling irritated.

    Never, ever had this problem before the new BVC's.

    Something is definitely WRONG!!!!!!

    Is it time we jump the Aspire sinking ship?
  • skpboomer

    What ratio is your juice? Do you get any gurgle with the cotton BVC's? At 50/50 I got a gurgle and I swear I was inhaling juice along with the vapor. I too was constantly clearing my throat and had a heavy lung kinda feeling.
  • Ok, I finally got some of the new cotton BVC's for my Nautilus. Yes, they have larger openings for wicking the juice. There was a new warning card inside about letting it sit long enough to saturate the cotton. Verified the code as authentic. So they are good.

    So far, so good. I haven't had any issues with the one I put in a week ago. I've put through various PG/VG ratios (I have the same flavor in various ratios from 90/10 to 50/50 PG/VG sitting around from experimenting with the old coils).

    I started with the 10/90 and worked down to 50/50 PG/VG on several tank refills. I haven't had any flooding issues, nor any spitting (I used to get some spitting with the old style coils until they mellowed out with use).

    I also haven't had any irritation with them, mouth, esophageal, or lung. But I'm a bit of an "iron lung" kind of guy. To many years of smoking analogs I guess. I beat everyone at my local vape shop when we tried to see who could vape the highest nic and PG off a drip setup without coughing one night.

    One thing I have noticed, personally, is they have enhanced the flavor of my test juice (my standby Orange Dreamcicle juice, which is Orange and Vanilla cupcake mix).

    I still have to see about longevity. It's been a week now on one coil, about 30 ml of juice so far (I've been spending to much time playing with the Atlantis Mega right now). I have been running at 4.6 V on my CF VV+ battery the whole time, at the largest air hole, btw.
  • I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I buy my coils boxes at a time, and last order has been a while... Until last Saturday. Had to run to a local vape shop to pick some up and I have been coughing ever since. Totally miserable. After lots of research, it's definitely the change in aspires coil makeup. NOTHING has changed in my setup... Mods, juice, everything has been exactly the same for the last 4-5 months... Except this new coil material. I want the old one back... My chest feels like it did when I was a pack a day smoker (a year ago). Glad I'm not alone... But Aspire needs to give us the option to go back to ceramic... This sucks!
  • Thing is a lot of people was complaining on the ceramic material. So I figured they change to organic cotton because the market demanded them plus everyone was saying like how bad ceramic was. When i was using them, the coils was good. It lasted longer but taste wise was somehow similar but lifespan was just bad. But if Aspire could back up their reason for using the ceramic then I dont see why they should give in to the naysayers.
  • @jinnis I have a query about your comment about wattage / volts...
    You said:
    "For our 1.6ohm coils,the reasonable voltage is:3.3V-4.2V,use it with normal e-go battery,if customer use wattage adjustable battery,the wattage should be 4.5W-6.5W"

    If I use my 1.6 ohm coil on an MVP 3 Pro I get a display showing me details:
    The coil shows 1.65 Ohms and is set to 4.2 volts
    When I fire it, it shows the wattage as 10.6 watts

    I'll post pictures of the above, but to save time and attachments I'll just list the further observations; if I set it to wattage mode and fire I get the following voltage reported:
    9 Watts = 3.85 Volts
    9.5 Watts = 3.95 Volts
    10 Watts = 4.07 Volts
    10.5 Watts = 4.17 Volts
    11 Watts = 4.27 Volts

    I didn't want to push the wattage higher before clarifying this, but don't the 4.5-6.5W seem a little low?
    6.5 Watts reports firing at 3.27 V
    Am I missing something obvious here?
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  • I don't think I could attach 2 files - so here's the second
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  • CLLL8 said:

    Has anyone else experienced lung irritation with the new cotton BVC Nautilus coils?

    I used the original BVC ceramic coils for months and never experienced any problems at all. Indeed, my lungs felt the best they had in years since I quit smoking.

    However, since I have been using the new cotton coils, I am coughing and constantly clearing my throat. :cry: It as though I never stopped smoking (which I did a year ago).

    Wish Aspire would get it's act together. Nobody really knows what is in these new coils as Aspire never seems to disclose anything!

    Still think they should make both Ceramic and Cotton

    I highly suggest that anyone who wants both coils to be made available to make a post in the "Valuable Suggestions" thread. Aspire seems to moniter this thread for customer concerns regarding current stock products that customers want updated. I do not own a Nautilus so I really can't comment. But give it a shot in the other thread! :)]
  • same problem here. since the Ceramic to cotton switch, i burn a lot of cotton. lungs hurt now. i just put a new coil in today and already it is burnt. If I can't find the Ceramic coils anymore I am going to have to finally get away from aspire.
  • @vaperme If you are constantly burning the cotton, then you're running to hot. Lower the voltage/wattage.

    You'll continue to have this issue, even if you go to another brand, that uses cotton. I haven't looked lately, but does anyone still make non-cotton wicking coils?
  • Heck, I have two Protank 2 tanks with several coils with silica wicks that I don't use anymore. Would be more than happy to trade them both for a single Nautilus. PM me if you are interested @vaperme .

    I still love my two Nauties, and would be more than happy with a third... :)>-
  • The new coils wick too much (holes too big), flood and gurgle like crazy, don't last very long, and burn easily if you make the mistake of pushing them 0.1-0.2 volts over their rated voltage (which is necessary because they flood). The burned smell that comes out of them is not burned e-liquid, it really tastes like burned cotton, with a nice ash aftertaste for a while when you reduce the voltage again. I was using the smaller, silica-based BVCs for the ET-S and they worked fine, why did they have to go try re-invent the wheel? People who didn't know better scared them into using cotton when silica works just fine, doesn't burn or melt, and there is no way you are inhaling it when it's nice and wet. Just got the Nautilus barely a week ago and I'm already using the ET-S again because of the cotton coils. The 30 euros I spent for the Nautilus doesn't feel like a good investment.
  • ramic Fibre is also known as High Temperature Insulation Wool or Refractory Ceramic Fibre.

    It's classed as a category 2 carcinogen (In the EU) when the fibres are less than 6mm in size, as the effectively act as little needles within the lungs that can cause tumours.

    The main concerns are in relation to potentially serious long-term health effects; experiments in animals have shown that RCFs can produce lung fibrosis, lung cancer, and also mesothelioma (a rare tumour of the lining of the chest cavity usually only associated with exposure to asbestos) following long-term inhalation.

    Following several years of discussions in expert working groups involving industry and trade union representatives, a European Directive has now been agreed which will result in RCFs with fibres less than 6mm length weighted geometric mean diameter being classified as category 2 carcinogens (substances to be regarded as if they are carcinogenic to humans) towards the end of 1998. Most RCF products currently marketed in the UK will fall into this category. (They will additionally be classified as 'irritating to the skin').

    If you don't understand what "ceramic fibre" is, it's very closely related to roof insulation.

    This is why you should thank Aspire for listening to the concerns of the people and helping keep our lungs a little safer.
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