Nautilus Mini Tank Problem

Ive been using my tank for about a month and has been perfect but I woke up today and tried to refill my tank but the base would not unscrew, I tried with gloves on so it would not slip out my hand and even used my teeth and then even tried pliers, yet it still wont budge. The coil looks a little unthreaded inside and wondered if there anyway to get the damn thing open???
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  • Take the pirex with a latex glove and turn the base with pliers.
    Check the upper cap if it's still correctly screwed up.

    In the future, put some liquid drops on the rubber before closing the tank to avoid such problems ;)
  • Good idea with the liquid drops. I have tried that but still wont come loose, it looks like either the coil is cross threaded in the base or has been over tightened in the top drip tip.

    Any more theories please?
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