Cotton coils for Atlantis V2

Hi - I've ordered on the internet, on a french website, 2 packs of coils for the atlantis v2. What I have received though are v2 coils for atlantis v1 ... whit the small holes, not the ones with big holes better suited for High VG liquids and included in the atlantis v2 packaging. So, I'm trying to change them but the website's customer service is telling me that these coils I've received (with small holes) are the only ones available for the atlantis v2, nothing else exists and that the coils included in the atlantis packaging are unique and not sold separately ... which I think is not true as I've found them elsewhere online.
Could you please help me to obtain a clear information here:
- are coils with bigger holes (the ones sold with atlantis v2) only sold with the atlantis v2 packaging or can we find them online by packs of five units?
- would you say that the v2 coils for the atlantis v1 (with smaller holes) are recommended for the atlantis V2 - that I use with High VG liquids?
Many thanks for your help!
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  • Dear hhuchon81,

    Thank you for your questions!
    Now we have two styles of 0.5 ohm coils around the market,as you said: big holes and small holes,both can be used on our Atlantis 1 and Atlantis 2.
    We are now doing running change,in future,we will only have one version 0.5 ohm coils (big holes)

    Have a nice day!
  • Dear jinnis
    thanks a lot for your answer! This makes everything clear now.
    Have a nice day too
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