"T" tank sleeve for full-size nautilus

I really love the Mini nautilus with the stainless steel "T" window sleeve. It's looks great, better than the stock glass tank that comes with it.

So what about the full size nautilus? I don't care for the hollowed-out tank sleeve because I think it looks feminine. I don't like the all Stainless Tank because of the rounded top but mostly but also because it has no window to view the liquid level. The "T" sleeve is much more masculine looking. I think that is partially because of the more squared-off top.

Please, please, please make a 'T" sleeve for the full size nautilus! I would buy it for sure as soon as they would be available.
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  • Dear toolsavvy,
    Thank you for supporting aspire.
    I am sorry that we don't have the plan to make the stainless steel replacement tank with "T" window for the nautilus at present.Because we received many users' feedback that they don't like the "T" window design,because,it looks like some part from masculine :oops:

    But I will pass your suggestion to our products development department.

    Best Regards
  • Tina,

    Thank you for responding.

    Don't listen to those people. This is no reason to not make the T tank for the Nautilus. People who make these claims are silly American teenage boys who like to give everyone a hard time. They have sex on their minds 25 hours a day, 8 days a week. Believe me. There in nothing phallic about the "T" sleeve.

    If it bothers aspire that much, they can change the inverted "T" to some other design like a straight window or something. But honestly, people who have said these things to aspire are those people that complain about the smallest little things. They also tend to be people who want everything for free. This should not be the people Aspire caters to. But that's just my opinion.

    I really wish aspire would make some sort of stainless steel. It looks so much better than the stock tank and a lot more masculine than the hollow sleeve tank.
  • The biggest issue with the previous "T" window was it used a radius at each end. A sharp corner would have been better.

    I wonder if instead of an inverted "T" another shape might work better? Maybe a simple triangle? Or a just a rectangular slot window?
  • Dear toolsavvy,
    Thank you for your kindness.
    I will pass your voice to our products development department.

    Best Wish
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