Question on Aspire CF mod

Hello all, Im new on this forum and I started vaping back in February and still learning about it.

I just bought myself an Aspire CF mod yesterday and I was just wondering, is this a hybrid mod? or a normal mod?

Can I use any kind of drip tank or subtank [A) That has the bottom pin pointing outwards, B) That has the pin pushed inward] without worrying about shorting the battery or explosion or whatsoever? Cause I've heard about people's mod exploding for having the pin directly contacting the battery an stuff. So far, Ive been using the Atlantis Aspire since I started vaping on my IPV2x but now, using a tube mod, Im somehow worry about it haha.

Cheers guys :) and happy vaping
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  • Dear germs95,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    Our CF MOD batteries is the upgraded version of traditional Mod,it has Protective electronic switch,which is easy to control when using.What's more,it has Overdischarge and Atomizer Short Circuit Protection.
    On the bottom of our CF MOD batteries,the cap can be removed,customer need fill in they own batteries.
    Customer can not charge the 18650 batteries with our CF MOD,they need remove the 18650 batteries out of our cf mod,and use the charger for the 18650 batteries to charge.Our CF MOD is just a holder.

    Our CF mod is compatible with 0.3-1.0 ohm coil decided by the batteries customers put in.
    Here is the link:
    Customers can find the details on that page.
    Have a nice day!
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