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I've just changed my aspire Atlantic coil and after a few days, I could see some dark coloured material (I suspect it's a burn out from the coil) which sipped into my aspire Atlantis tank. Why is this happening? It's contaminating my flavour. Thanks.
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  • Dear raimi89,
    Thank you for your question.
    If your e-juice contains high sugar/sweet/nicotine content?
    If it has a high sugar/sweetener content it will gunk up and carmalize on the coil really fast. The darkening of the juice is the caramelized coils coloring it.
    Also if you leave the e-juice out much in the heat or the sun it will darken a little as well depending on the nicotine content.

    Have a nice day!
  • Thank you for the information! But is there any way that I could prevent this from happening again? I'm currently using an IPV2 mod with the aspire atlantis tank. Firing at 16 Watt. Thanks!
  • Dear Customer,
    You can try turning the wattage down, but it won't solve the problem thoroughly.

    You need change another e-juice,less sugar/sweet/nicotine content

    Have a nice day!
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