It blocks each time I fill it!!!!

Hi. The reason we buy this product is to stop smoking. The last thing we need is a product that make us feel like we've spent 100's of dollars to quit and go back to smoking but way less $$ in our pocket.

This machine works perfect until it's time to fill it. Since I've had it I had to fill it 4 times and 2 of the 4 times it blocked for hours before working again. Sorry but made me feel like I'm gonna destroy a wall and smoke a cigarette know...

What's wrong???

I've had lots of e-cig before and never when filling it would block.

Please help or refund.

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  • I kinda feel your frustration.

    What product are you using?
  • Aspire CF VV+ with Aspire Mini Nautilus.

    I'm very careful not to put the liquid inside the tube when I fill it but it feels like it's blocks cuz in some way there's still some liquid that manage to get in?

    Never saw that unblock it I have to inhale very strongly for 10 minutes and drink 1/2 of the product before it works again...probably not super healthy neither, :S

    Thanks for helping.
  • Definitely sounds like your flooding it. I stopped using my Nautilus Mini's cause I was constantly having to fill them lol but they are great tanks I haven't really had any issues with them.

    You have to figure out what you are doing to cause it to flood. Naturally you fill the juice just up to the chimney any further and it will run into the chimney you already know that. Now you screw the base on and here is the important part. Keep the tank upside down until you have completely tightened the base down (but not to tight). If you turn the tank upright as you tighten it, it will squeeze juice into the coil flooding it. You may also have juice collected in the base so next time you change the coil and you have the coil out look into the base and use a paper towel or q-tip to soak up excess juice.

    For flooding don't inhale the juice lol. Take the drip tip out and cover the hole with a paper towel. Holding on to the tank TIGHTLY in your hand sling the excess juice into the towel. I looked for a video of this and this is all I could find its not the best but he shows how to sling the juice in a towel.
  • You don't have to fill the tank all the way up to the top of the chimney (inner tube). Leave a few millimeters showing. This will help in preventing any liquid from getting into the chimney while screwing the base back on and 'flooding'.
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