Payment issues

I am just wondering why it is taking so long for you guys to accept my payment. My order # is 201414843. I ordered this two days ago on Friday and PayPal and my bank accounts are showing the payment have gone through but on my order status here is still saying that it is pending. Why is it taking so long to accept and give me a tracking number. If there is an issue please email me at Thank you
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  • Dear decmarine,

    Thank you so much for supporting us.
    Just checked,you placed order on April 10,we didn't work from April 11-April 12 for the weekend.
    We feel sincerely sorry for the inconvenience!
    We will deal your order today or tomorrow.
    If we ship the products out ,our online store support will email the tracking information to you.
    If any problem,please feel free to contact our online store support

    Wish you all the best!
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