ESP 30W box mod - nearly there!

Last week I received my new ESP 30W mod. It looks very nice and seems generally well made but I don't think it is quite up to the standard that I have grown to expect from Aspire products:-

Nice curved shape - generally comfortable to hold (except-see below).
Stainless Steel adjuster knob works well, is tight to turn (no accidental adjustments!) and has a quality look and feel.
Fire button, which seems to be Stainless and looks excellent, is positioned just right and has a nice positive click action.
Mini multi-coloured LED on base shows three different functions - vaping-blue, charging-red and charged-green - although I would prefer this to be on the top instead of the base.
Very attractive and seemingly resilient Carbon Fibre finish.

Whilst the curved shape is good the sharp corners to the end panels dig into the palm of your hand - I think they may be plastic so I might me rounding them off with a file if so!
The huge "ESP 30W" logo printed in white on the front makes the device look cheap.
Likewise the display is set too far behind the panel and is also offset (you have to hold the device at an angle to see all the display) so giving a poor quality appearance. It also reflects badly from the sides of the window/case - adding to the "cheap" factor.
The 510 threading is quite loose and the sprung loaded centre pin is so high that you have to push it down with the base of the Nautilus before you can get the threads to start engaging which could be a recipe for starting it cross threaded if you are not very careful- at least the 510 connection appears to be stainless steel so hopefully it will not get any more loose too quickly

The "logic" for the electronics and display is very poor:-
1) When in power saving mode (screen off) you have to blip the fire button twice to get the display to turn on - alternatively you can give a longer press whereupon the display will light up but this also powers up the atomiser?
2)It is supposed to need 5 clicks to lock the unit - it doesn't - depending on whether the screen is on or off it can take 6 or 7 clicks (if you are lucky) to lock the device whereupon it displays "check atomiser" instead of the "Locked Click 5x" which it subsequently displays at the next button press from standby?
3)The 5 (6 or 7) clicks is not reliable -has to be just the right speed - too fast it just ignores you - too slow it ignores you AND powers the atomiser.

All in all a bit of a disappointment - not a bad device, it vapes well enough and looks good with a Nautilus attached - BUT not up to the standard that I am used to, having progressed through the Aspire range from the ET-S (glass) and then Nautilus (Standard & Mini)etc.

Edit: Now I have used it for a few days I must say the battery life is impressive - seems as good as my istick 30w AND it supposed to have a smaller battery so the conversion circuits must be fairly efficient. Further to my comments above about the sharp corners - the end caps ARE metal (albeit the painted finish gives a good impression of being plastic!) so not viable to file the corners unless you don't mind silver bits showing!
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