BVC ceramic fill

Could you please clarify the content of the BVC coils? When changing to a new BVC, I dismantled the old one and found it to be full of a gritty substance. My concern is that this substance may be a ceramic asbestos like filter. Please advise the full content.
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  • Dear Steve,
    We use a ceramic fiber which is placed around the heating coil during its construction, which has undergone and passed rigorous SGS certification, and is both nontoxic and heat resistant. This ceramic material is, of course, exclusively researched and developed by the Aspire Company, and is only accessible by our manufacturing company, Shenzhen Eigate Technology Co., Ltd.
    We at Aspire value our customer’s safety and concern, and welcome these questions to help assure you of our levels of safety and consideration. But, although we work hard to guarantee the safety of our products, we cannot guarantee the quality or indeed the safety of the many counterfeit companies who work to imitate our products and materials. Because of this, BVC coils obtained from fake/non-authentic suppliers/manufacturers may be toxic and/or may not be able to endure the high temperatures of the original. So we urge you to please buy smart and buy safe, keep authentic and stay healthy.
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    Thank you!
  • I don't believe the BVC wicking material is going to come apart while it is sitting undisturbed inside the tank and saturated with liquid, also there is an extra fine stainless steel mesh sitting over the coil as well.
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