Aspire Nautilus to be #1

I bought the Aspire Nautilus with BVC and was amazed with the results. The coils last longer than any other. They produce a good vape, full flavor and never leak into the battery post like all other coils and tanks. I got several other people to switch and they also are totally happy. The best match for this tank to get full potential is to use an Eleaf Istick battery. These have been my #1 for 4 months now. I've thrown away all my other tanks and batteries. I was skeptical at first about spending $25+ for a tank but am totally happy that I tried it. The same for a battery. I got several people to switch to the setup I have. It truely brings out the full flavor of any ejuice. I recently bought an Aspire stainless steel sleeve and it looks great on my battery. I would never use anything else. I also have a couple Natilus mini's and keep my favorite flavors at hand. The trick to enjoying an ejuice is to switch between flavors in separate tanks every day.
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