Atlantis Tank Issue!

Recently purchased the kit, have not been able to fully enjoy it. Every time I take a hit it spit back at me, not too happy with this issue especially since it has nicotine. I have purchase 100% PG juice to make it thicker, but I still keep getting the spit back of the juice in my mouth and lip. :cry:
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  • Dear barbdvapin12
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    Which airflow hole did you use?What wattage did you use?
    Have a nice day!
  • My Atlantis tank does the same, I also smoke 0mg. Changed the coil and it improved for a while, but the spitting is coming back. Accompanying a spit is a loud crack\pop from the coil. My friend has an Atlantis tank on an SMOK BEC pro mod and does not have the spitting or cracking. My MOD is an Aspire CF Mod. Which is not VV so I cannot tell you what wattage it is set too. Seems to spit with a fresh batt and throughout the discharge of the battery. The spit is present on all airflow holes. I normal smoke on the biggest hole.

  • Dear joelbabb1981,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    Please check the tank and the coils carefully,if the coil is screwed to the base hardware tightly.If not,the leaking problem will happen.
    If the seals on the tank and the coil are all right here,no lost or no broken.
    If there is crack on th glass tube.Even a little crack will cause theproblem.
    What's more,please disassemble the base hardware off to check if the glass tube is connected to the upper chimney tightly.
    What's more,it is most important that it is better that firing the battery and smoking these two actions need do at the same time,we do test that fire the battery then smoke,it also can hear explosive sound and juice spitting out from the drip tip to our mouth.
    At last ,when the battery stay in the lower power range(orange light),we don't suggest customers to use the tank,because,if the wattage is too low,the quantity of heat is not enough,however the e-juice with high VG,the e-juice can not be atomized very well.

    If leaking problem is happen,please disassemble the device and wash it with clean water,then let it air dry for 1-2 days.
    Then change out the old coil,make sure,the coil must screwed to the base hardware tightly.
    Notice,the coil can not be washed with water.
    If still not work,please change another glass tube to have a try.

    Wish you all the best!
  • barbdvapin12" said:
    I have purchase 100% PG juice to make it thicker...
    100% PG?!?!? Or do you mean 100% VG? VG is thicker than PG.

    One thing I have noticed with all vaping products, is that they all tend to "spit" a bit on fresh coils. Using them after a while, and they 'calm' down.

    When they do spit, you can flick out the excess juice...
    Remove the drip tip.
    Cover the drip tip opening with a tissue or paper towel (if you're outside, you can skip the tissue/paper towel).
    While holding on FIRMLY to the battery you can flick the tank an battery away from you to get the excess liquid out. Remember to hold on tight!! You don't want to loose your grip and send everything flying!!
    Replace the drip tip and continue vaping.
  • Trying a 3mg nic liquid and the problem seems to have gone....
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