Aspire ET-S BDC clearomizer leaking from center of coil

I bought the Aspire tank about two weeks ago and the coil keep leaking from the center after about a two to three days. It is driving me mad and was wondering if I am doing something wrong here. The first coil worked the longest (about 1 week) but every replacement coil I've put in leaks like I described. I am now on my third replacement and am wondering if there is something that will make them last longer.
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  • I'm using the BVC clearomizer coils. I have a MAJOR problem with them leaking through to the top of the battery. It is a HUGE waste and expense on smoke juice. What do you recommend? I think it's a great product but very frustrating. I'm almost considering going back to a previous e-cig. I purchase my Aspire coils from Delmarva Vapor Lounge in Delmar, MD.
  • My BVC coils are also leaking!
    Much more than the old BDC coils. A shame newer version less quality!
    Quality Problems? Looks like you produce to much without quality control after the BDC hype in the last months!
    Bought at Heaven-gifts and healthcabin. All with troubles!
  • Hi, I have an Aspire CF VV vape, which has worked well its first week and some. I like the others started to have issues with my unit leaking through the coil, and into the top of the battery after the first change of the coil. My wife has the same unit and no issues at all, and changed her coil a few times now, without issue.

    I use my CF VV on 4.8, draw off it a second or so AFTER releasing my power button, use a juice that the vape shop, and many experienced friends who vape said is the kind of juice I need.... My O rings are all fine, no crack, not lose, not worn out....

    I MIGHT get lucky and get a few hours without issues, leave it for less than an hour, come back, check the batter, clear, take a vape or two, and the battery chamber is FULL of juice again....

    I am looking at cutting cigs out, and got a vape for that, yet seems my smokes are a better option and costing me less at this point than wasted juice leaking.....
  • In my experience one of the main problems with the small BVC coils is that they enlarged the juice feed holes too much and the coil is over saturated if you leave it to stand for a short time.

    For example I used to use several ET-S clearos on my Evod batteries (3.7 v regulated) as very small discrete and stealthy pocket vape - with the BDC coils they were brilliant. Then Aspire changed to the BVC coils (the latest thing since sliced bread!) so I ordered several packs. Big mistake, they just gurgle and leak juice into the chimney and the base when you leave them to sit for a while.

    You can "dry" them out and they vape fine UNTIL you leave them to sit for a while - then start over. I do not bother using them any more.

    We had a similar fiasco when they changed the Nautilus BVC to cotton wicks - they enlarged the juice holes AND GUESS WHAT - they gurgled, leaked and generally fed too much juice! At least with those you can put a couple of the bottom o-rings, from old coils, over the juice holes of your new coil and they work just fine. No room for anything like that in K1 or ET-S etc.

    Trouble is I think they are paying too much heed to what I call "extreme vapers" - we must have organic cotton (nobody has actually proved that scorched cotton is any more safe than silica or the ceramic secret ingredient that Aspire now wants to deny they used) as well as huge clouds and sub-ohm 200 watt devices! They seem to be ignoring, what I believe is, the vast majority of vapers that want to vape between 7 and 15 watts or so with a good quality, reliable, non-leaking set up.
  • Currently my unit is behaving within the last 15 hours... I am almost scared to say anything, as I usually get 2-3 hours max with it behaving before the flooding starts again.

    My wife vapes as well, no issues with her unit, which is the same as mine, and she was fine for a few hours, and than it flooded on her as well.

    I like the unit IF and WHEN it works, great taste, REALLY HELPS with cutting down on smoking and an enjoyable habit, UNTIL the flooding of the coil starts.....
  • Dear kanizzle0,
    Would you please to check the security code first to make sure if it is original?
    What kind of coils did you use?The BDC coils or the new BVC coils?
    The new BVC Series Replaceable Coils are developed for Clearomizer series,they are upgraded version of BDC Clearomizer replacement coils , the BVC coils have new wick in it,which use the high-tech material and technology, the taste will be purer, it works better than the old BDC coils. so,it is not only compatible with the K1,but also compatible with common BDC clearomizer series such as the ET, ET-S,CE5,CE5-S clearomizers...
    Details please refer to our website:
    Thank you and have a nice day!
  • You must be extremely careful when refilling, any liquid that gets into the center airflow tube is going to leak out.

    The next step and more likely the root of your problem is you need to continue to inhale for a split second after you're done firing the device to clear the airflow tube of ALL vapor to prevent the remaining vapor from condensing back to a liquid. You can also take the clearo off your device from time to time and blow into the drip tip and hold a paper towel against the threaded side to remove liquid due to condensation.

    If these suggestions do not solve the problem, you need to check the authenticity of your coils.
  • So I took your guys advice. Except I had already ordered 10 BDC replacement coils. When I finally replaced it the one I was using lasted quite a long time, But now it is happening again I replaced the coil today(only because the taste was becoming bad). Now I replaced the coil 3 times in one day. I don't know why it occuring, but it is concerning me because I bought a new battery for it (Aspire CF VV). Any other ideas as to why it continually is doing this?
  • Dear kanizzle0,
    Where did you get your tank and coils from?From us directly or from our authorized seller?
    What kind of e-juice did you use?(the proportion of the PG:VG)
    What does the "the taste was becoming bad" mean?Is it burn taste?
    Thank you and have a nice day!
  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    Please make sure you bought original coils,not only just by checking the security code,but also by checking the packaging and print.
    what is the resistance of your coils?if it has mesh in it?
    What kind of battery did you use with the et-s? What wattage and voltage did you use?
    What kind of e-juice did you use?The proportion of the pg:vg?
    Did you screw the coils to the base hardware tightly?
    Have a nice day!
  • Dear Customer,
    Here are our chief engineer suggestion to use our products correctly:
    For our 1.6ohm coils,the reasonable voltage is:3.3V-4.2V,use it with normal e-go battery,which have constant voltage output.
    For our 1.8 ohm coils,It is better to use our products with voltage adjustable battery,the voltage should be 4.2-4.8,if the voltage is too low,the quantity of heat is not enough,however the e-juice with high VG,the e-juice can not be atomized very well,then the leaking problem will happend.we suggest our customer to use it with e-juice with less vg proportion(less than 50%)

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  • I have the Aspire ET-S and had the same problem - leaking fluid would build up where the battery screws into the clearo. But I quickly learned that it was my mistakes, not the ET-S, that was causing the leaking fluid.

    Problem 1: My battery wasn't strong enough. The battery I had purchased to use with this clearo only output 3.3 volts. The coil simply wasn't getting enough power to vaporize the juice.

    Problem 2: The Aspire ET-S was my first "name brand" clearo. When I first started vaping, I bought the cheap gas station models which is in general poor quality. But when I was drawing on the Aspire ET-S, I was using the same technique of slow, long, and steady draw.

    Both of these problems where what was causing the fluid build up; there was never a leak in the Aspire ET-S. I purchased a strong battery with variable voltage and set the volts at 4.8. This supplied enough power so that the coil could vaporize an abundance of juice. This partially solved my problem. I would still get the occasional build up; maybe once every 2 to 3 days I would have to clean it out. What was happening, now that the vapor production had increased, I wasn't drawing it all in and it was condensing. I was still drawing on it like it was from a gas station. When this thing starts vaping, it really puts out the smoke, and you need to pull faster to ensure that you have cleared out all of the smoke. I would also recommend to start pulling a half second before you activate the battery and continue pulling for at least 2 seconds after you have stopped activating the battery. Pulling fast and pulling that little extra amount is what finally solved the problem.

    Long story short, the Aspire ET-S is amazing. To fully utilize it correctly you need an amazing battery and you need to be ready to pull a TON of smoke in fast. Treat it like the champ it is, and it will reward you in kind.
  • I recently purchased the Aspire ET tank with the 1.8ohm BVC coil. I also was having the same issue with the liquid leaking out of the bottom, filling the battery connector section. I was using a standard Ego T battery 1100mah. I just received my new 1300mah variable voltage battery and run it at 4.3volts. Completely took care of the problem, NO more leaking at ALL! Thanks to the info you guys provided from your engineer. Look forward to purchasing more Aspire Vape products! I think the next thing I need will be the 5 pack of 1.8ohm replacement coils.
  • @woodbar Hmm, I still use my two Nauties quite consistently, and have had no issues at all with the BVC coils. The tanks are always full and sometimes sit for more than a day before I use one. I do use a max VG liquid in them, and I think that might help. I am actually impressed with the clouds that a 1.8 Ohm premade can produce, and I still think the taste from a Nautilus really can't be beat. They do have a rather small chimney and drip tip, so condensation can be an issue, but I just clean them quickly with a paper towel ever few days and I am good to go.

    I guess everyone has a slightly different experience, but I find the Nautilus to be the easiest, most consistent tank ever and I recommend it to all my friends who are new to vaping. Try a higher VG liquid and I think you will be impressed. :)>-
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    @watkijw Oh yes, don't take my comments the wrong way - as I have said elsewhere - the Nautilus is still my favourite tank - I have 4 full size and 3 minis and I think the minis perform better but they hold such a small amount of juice - especially as all mine have the metal sleeve covers which reduces the capacity - but I just can't stand the look of the standard glass tank!

    My problem is with Aspire arbitrarily changing the construction of the large BVC coils without really telling you so when you order some replacements you find that the wick is now cotton, they have bigger juice ports and if you are using 70PG/30VG juice they gurgle and leak. I do not understand WHY they did not produce the the new version alongside the older type - so we could choose which suited our needs best - as they still do with the small versions - BDC or BVC?

    As I hinted at above - I want a reliable, good quality, attractive and efficient PV that keeps me off the weed (mostly) - I don't want something that forces me to use a particular kind of juice, with high battery consumption that will fill a room with "fog" in 2 puffs because apart from anything else that is just another way of making certain factions even more determined to tie vaping and smoking together, as anti-social activities, and demand they both be banned.

    Of course the morons I see wandering around my local supermarket blowing clouds over the meat counter, "because they can", really help improve the image!

    You obviously did not have the problem as you were using high VG - I actually mixed up some juice especially to test the theory - anything over 70VG they are fine as is - 50-70VG you can get away with one O-ring over the juice ports - less than 50VG you need 2 O-rings over the ports (it looks like you have blocked them off but it actually does not).

    I just go with the 2 O-rings and my normal juice now as I do not like a high VG content - too sweet and sticky!

    For those having gurgling and leaking with the small BVC coils (ET-S, K1 etc.) I can only suggest possibly trying a higher VG ratio or, better still, change back to the BDC coils which are still available and always worked well for me (if you were lucky you got 4 good ones out of a pack of 5) - assuming Aspire have not reworked those as well of course?

  • @woodbar Very interesting. I have a bottle of PG coming in the mail, and was going to experiment a bit with it anyway. It does tend to give better flavor in high-resistance coils so I will give it a shot with my nauties. But forewarned is forearmed, so I will start small and see how it goes. If I get gurgling and leaking I will know why. And thank you for proposing a solution to the issue.

    I do agree with you about the "obnoxious" vapers out there. Vapers' rights are coming under fire every day, and I believe we need to make the public see this as a safer alternative to smoking, and not another public nuisance. I also understand the desire to chuck clouds, but we should try to keep that more private.
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