Aspire CF SUBΩ Battery Charging Issue

steelcityphoto" said:
The charger is showing a Green light, however the battery is showing Orange (flickering VERY slightly)
I have unplugged the charger, and re attached the Atlas Tank at the assumption the battery is charged due to the green light, however despite pressing the button 5 times, it doesn't respond.

Any ideas please?

Dear Customer,
Thank you for supporting aspire and sorry to hear that.
What kind of charger did you use?Did you use aspire original charger to charge the battery?
Charging Instructions:
1.Unscrew the battery from the vaping components.
2.Gently screw battery into the USB charger.
3.Plug the USB into the supplied wall charger or computer.
4.The battery will flash 3 times and then turn solid in color (Orange light in 3.2-3.5V,
Blue light in 3.5-4.15V).
5.The light on the USB charger will be red when charging.
6.Once fully charged, the USB charger will display a green light, and the LED light on battery will blink 20 times(blue),then turn off.
When screw battery into the USB charger,then Plug the USB into the supplied wall charger or computer.did the light on the battery flash?If not,the connection between the battery and the USB charger or the connection between the USB charger and the supplied wall charger or computer is not tightly.Make sure the connector on the battery and the USB charger is dry and clean.
If still not work.
Please use another charger to have a try.
Wish you all the best!
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  • This is the exact same thing that is happening with mine!

    I have not used it much since new, only charged it 4 times in the past. When I plug it in, the button light flashes twice then 4 times before turning orange but also pulsates/flickers. I have tried 2 chargers and know they work perfectly as I have tried them on a friends. It happens regardless if using a wall socket or computer USB. The battery do not take any charge (left for hours and hours) even though the light is green on the charger! The unit will not even switch on with 5 clicks as it should.

    I have sent a video of what happens and I am awaiting a response from the service team. Glad I am not the only one getting this problem even though I am sorry others are having problems. Hope Aspire can sort this out as it is appearing to be a common fault. :cry:
  • I'm having the same issues. I just got my battery today, and when I plug it in to charge it flashes red and then goes straight to green. When I take it off the charger it flashes orange indicating that the battery is low. What am I supposed to do about this? I've tried multiple chargers, and it just keeps doing the same thing
  • Same problem here. Using all Aspire charging products. Green on charger, flickering orange on battery. Does it need to be replaced?
  • Dear Customer,
    If you use another charger to have a try,the result is the same.
    If the battery is still under the 6 months warranty,as Our after-sale process is :when consumer found what their bought is defective,they can firstly check the security code on our website to confirm if it is original,When customer check it on our website,it should be original,no one check it before you.then ask the dealer for exchange,every dealer is responsible for their products,we need the dealer's help,for we don't see the defective.when any qualiy problems occur, they can ask for exchange from their previous dealer.We will send the replacement to our authorized selles.
    We suggest customer to ask the seller for sevice,for we can not see the defective,if the seller confirm the product is defect,you exchange from the seller,if the seller bought the products from us directly,they can ask us for replacement,if the seller bought the products from our authorized distributors,our authorized distributors will replacement it.

    We promised our direclty retailers,we will send the replacements to them,we also require our authorized distributors ,they need send the replacements to their direclty distributors.

    If our product is defective,the customer exchange from the retailer,if the retailer got the products from us direclty ,it can ask for the replacement from us directly,if the retailer got the product from our authorized distributor,it can ask replacement from our authorized distribtutor.

    Have a nice day!
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