Aspire Carbon Fibre Battery not fully charging

I bought 1600mAh battery and noticed that when charging the light on the charger would never turn green no matter how long I left it on charger and the battery would be dead before the end of the work day (8 hours). Even during those 8 hours I'm not using it too often and only using it at about 3.8-4.2 volts depending on the juice and with a mini nautilus tank. So I took it back to where I had bought it and they checked my chargers ( even though they charge all my other batteries just fine ) and they worked so they exchanged the battery and 2nd battery is doing the same thing. I'm using standard eGO usb charger that came with eGO starter kit and even bought a new charger and wall mount hoping that would fix the problem and it did not. I checked the security code on both batteries and they check out. I could understand one bad battery but not two and doubt it is my charger so decided to look here for answers before I give up and go with another brand cause having a battery that's supposed to last 16 hours die from 3 hours of use (if that) just doesn't add up. Thanks for any help in advance and hope someone can shed some light on what is happening.
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  • Dear Customer,
    What kind of charger did you use? Is it our original USB charger?
    Thank you!
  • no it is not the aspire brand usb charger, local shops do not carry it, even the retailers who carry the aspire batteries. It's the usb charger that came with my eGo starter kit, I also bought a different usb charger and wall adapter and still get same results.
  • Dear Customer,
    Here two suggestions for you:
    First, to check the security code of your CF battery to confirm if it is original?
    Second,to use our original charger,for other charger will damage our battery.
    Thank you!
  • My 1600mah takes a while to charge I haven't actually timed it yet but it takes a while.

    Make sure your charger is:

    Input: DC 5V
    Output: DC 4.2V 420mA

    I would definitely get one of the Aspire chargers they work good

    I have used local vape shop chargers 4.2v 420ma and they worked for me as well.

    When screwed onto the charger if its almost fully drained the button on the battery should be orange and probably stay orange for a while. Then it should turn blue and stay blue for a while. Then when its almost charged the blue light will go out but the charger will still be red and it will stay like that for a while till the charger turns solid green. The hole time its charging from orange to blue till it goes out the charger will be red but it blinks as its charging. If the button on your battery doesn't light up or the charger doesn't blink while charging then something is wrong.

    Make sure your wall mount is correct. Mine is 5V output but I usually plug my charger into my computers usb port.
  • TJ, I would hate to see you shy away from Aspire, but I would definately try the OEM charger. I have had several different Aspire batteries all charged with the Aspire charger and never had any issues.
  • Yes I would definitive invest in the Aspire charger and wall plug because some of those vape shop chargers can be junk sometimes and you don't want one possibly shorting out and damaging your nice Aspire CF battery. Once you get your charging issue strait I think you will really like that battery.
  • You should also try ordering your batteries from Aspire or a different local shop. It's possible that shop received a bad batch or that shop somehow unintentionally damaged their batteries.

    Also, you can look on this link: to see if the place you purchased the batteries at is an authorized reseller.
  • I have a aspire carbon fiber 16hr battery and the led indicator is staying orangre and I hav eleft it on charge for 5 hours now and withing the past two hours I have changed out the charger between three different chargers so what is the issue
  • Dear Customer,

    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    "I have a aspire carbon fiber 16hr battery and the led indicator is staying orangre and I hav eleft it on charge for 5 hours now"What is the light on the USB charger?

    Have a nice day!
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