Advocacy rant.

Hey guys and gals,

I am attending a rally at my state Capital building this Monday (tomorrow!) and remembered to post something here as well. I will be signing in opposition to a proposed bill designed, basically, to kill vaping. This is happening all over the USA and many countries around the World. Specifically here in WA, my elected officials are proposing such outrageous things such as a 95% tax on ALL vaping products from batteries, to chargers, tanks and so forth. A Mini Nautilus would be priced at near $90 in some cases!!! Also a ban on in-store flavor sampling, to go along with a ban on ANY flavors other than traditional tobacco and menthol. Online sales would also be banned, seemingly to prevent us from buying product out-of-state at normal prices. Anyway, my point is this:

If we want to see continued success and growth of the vaping industry we need to literally fight for our right to vape! I urge you all to join (in the USA) for advocacy information. You can choose to receive info just for your state or nationwide. If you're in Washington please look into the Pink Lung Brigade as well. If that isn't your style, at least reach out to your own state rep. and speak your mind. Please be polite in doing so.

Hundreds of thousands of people die every day from tobacco harm, yet vaping is making news headlines because of ingnorant "scientific" studies (using silica wicked clearomizers TOTALLY DRY and at 12 WATTS to forcedully produce a harmful condition [nobody uses silica wicks anymore so please don't worry, and if you do use a silica wicked tank ... it's time to upgrade, like, yesterday]) and others such as one confirmed case of a mechanical mod literally blowing up somewhere in California (I don't know the whole story, Google it). This brings me to my second point:

Let's get this forum active! I know that new members will come in time but those of us that are here now should try to be a little more active. We should post tips for eachother, pictures, and most importantly help educate eachother! *I am not affiliated with Aspire, Pink Lung Brigade, or anything like that... I'm just a passionate vaper, like you (I hope!)*

Take care everyone. Keep calm and vape on #kcavo 8-)


yeah, I'm wearing my robe, it's 3:30am here :shock: :P
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    As of June 1, 2015, the following went into effect for the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada:

    Under the Smoke-free Places Act, e-cigarettes and waterpipes will not be used in indoor public places or workplaces in Nova Scotia.
    Under the Tobacco Access Act, vendors will have to treat e-cigarettes the same as regular cigarettes:

    • keep them out of view, unless the store sells only e-cigarettes and minors are not permitted entry
    • no point-of-sale promotion
    • no signage or advertising outside the store
    • no selling to minors (youth under 19)
    • no selling in pharmacies and other places where tobacco sales are prohibited
    Adult Nova Scotians (19 and older) will continue to have access to e-cigarettes from most current vendors.

    While e-cigarettes are being treated like regular cigarettes in retail settings, they will not be taxed as a tobacco product.

    Since the shop is considered a workplace, you can no longer try the liquids inside. One shop has a 'step outside please' policy to try liquids. I don't think that will last since there is a law banning smoking within four meters of an entrance or ventilation system intake.

    I find it curious that there is no legal definition of an e-cigarette in the legislation.
  • I love how everyone is tripping out over new products and large wicking holes yet if these bills pass we'll more than likely lose our ability to buy these products .............. Anyone have anything to add?
  • d1rte30" said:
    I love how everyone is tripping out over new products and large wicking holes yet if these bills pass we'll more than likely lose our ability to buy these products .............. Anyone have anything to add?
    I don't vote anymore and I do not contact politicians. They do not listen to the public. they are all bought by large multi-national corporate lobbyists. Waste of time.

    I am stockpiling Nautilus tanks, new coils, juice, and mods. I believe vaping as we know it will change so that the only thing you can buy is a closed cigalike system like the Mark10, Vuse, etc. I refuse to vape that junk. Stockpile now!!!!!
  • Same here in Europe where the EU is programming the death of the vape as we had the chance to know it.
    By May 2016, at the latest, only few "old fashion" material, sold by sister companies from BT, will be vailable here.
    Time to stock indeed, at least till we will be ready to decide to quit vaping whenever we want, without wanting to go back to the filthy cigarette.

    For all those governments, the tobacco taxes are more valuable than our health

  • I've heard the shelf-life of nicotine is only about 6 months so may as well stockpile some 0 mg liquid too :lol:
  • In the US the Government can do what they want on vaping as long as they do not mess with this

  • I gotta stock up on coils!! Most politicians need a good old fashioned bitch slap anyway! Go get 'em kids, I'm too old and tired, but I will sign and vote for the right to vape and bear arms! Vaping may go underground...we'll see!
  • There is no voting on right to bear arms that will never make it to a voting booth. On Vaping the issue is how strong is the representation for e-cigs as Casa is not at the financial turning point to add more lobbyist to the fight for vaping. We may have to settle for some restrictions soon.

  • Well said d1rte30! =D>
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