CF Mod Unusual Problem

I've had the CF Mod for about four months now. I have been using it with an Atlantis tank and have been loving it. Now my CF Mod will not fire. On occasions, the blue light will come on but then go back off. Sometimes the CF Mod will not even turn on. Some pertinent information:
-My battery is not the issue. I have tried multiple, fully charged, batteries with the same problem.
-My tank/coil is not an issue either. I have tried different tanks, switched the coils, etc.
I have no idea what the problem is. I have googled it and no one seemed to have this problem as of yet. It is very frustrating and I took care of this mod and have never dropped it. If anyone knows a possible solution, or if I could send it in to get it looked at, it would be great. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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