Atlantis burnt taste

I have used Atlantis for a few days, while i am using it with 50/50 e juice it works flawlessly, but when i swap to 70vg ejuice it only provide burnt taste....i saturate the coil before use, let it sit for an hour, take a few hit without firing and airflow close before start vaping... i tried it on 3 replacement coil and it provide the same result.
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  • Dear Customer,
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    After refilling,customer need let the tank sit for awhile, to allow the coil to soak up the liquid, some people add some liquid to the coil before installing. After it sits for a little bit, you should take a few pulls, or dry hits.
    What you do is take a hit, but do not press the battery button. This pulls the liquid into the coil.

    What's more,please refilling the tank in time before the e-juice inside the tank completely used up to avoid burn taste.
    Every refilling,please let the device stand up for 3-5 minutes.

    For a new coil,the first few puffs,the flavor is not pure,it is normal,just let the device stand up for more times,after the first few puffs,the flavor will go pure and pure.

    Please turn back to your formal e-juice to have a try.If it is the problem with your e-juice

    Have a nice day!
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