Atlantis + IPV3 Mod

I just bought an Atlantis tank and an IPV 3 150w mod. I used the tank on my mod for a few days with no problems. Randomly my IPV started saying "Check atomizer" and will not fire the Atlantis. I was vaping at 29w. I checked a few things and it still would not fire and came up with the same display "check atomizer". So I changed the wick of the Atlantis and it fired back up again and it was working fine for about 24hours and the same thing happens with the new wick for no reason ... " check atomizer". I checked to make sure the coil was screwed in all the way. I made sure both connections were clean even though it is a brand new set up. Any suggestions?

My dripper still works fine on my IPV. Its just the Atlantis that will not work.

I have another single battery mechanical mod and I plugged the Atlantis on to that mod and it worked fine. So I'm wondering if anybody has had any problems with the ipv3 and Atlantis tank setup in regards to the "check atomizer" issue.
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire and sorry to hear that.
    The connector pin under the base hardware is flexible,customers need screw the coil to the base hardware tightly to pop the connector pin pop out to make connection with the battery.
    Every refilling,please check if the coil is loose from the base hardware.

    Have a nice day!
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