New Nautilus BVC Coils Cause Flooding

The new coils with the larger wicking holes are causing flooding issues. It is all over the other forums.

For people who do mouth-to-lung draws on the smaller air holes, the old coils wicked perfectly.

The new coils with the larger wicking holes are flooding.

Can you PLEASE make both kinds of coils. The lung hitters will like the larger holes. The mouth-to-lung hitters like the old style smaller holes.
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  • From the thousands of testing,the result is that there is no problem for the coils with the big airflow hole.
    I am thoroughly disgusted. I have used your BVC coils since they first hit the market. There wasn't a thing wrong with them they used to work perfect.

    I said it before I'll say it again. I HAVE NOT CHANGE ANYTHING!!!
    I'm still using the same blend e-juice 50pg / 50vg (Am NOT going to a thicker juice)
    I'm still using my same mod a Itaste MVP

    What has changed here????? The only thing that has changed is the design of your BVC coils. And I'm telling you as a customer that has used these BVC's from day one that THEY DO NOT WORK CORRECTLY.

    So I have been using your product all this time without problems. Then you change your BVC's and I now have problems. What does that tell you? I believe you will soon see some used Nautilus tanks being sold on ebay.

    For anyone interested:
    I have tinkered with these new coils. I found that by taking two old BVC's and using the o-rings off the bottom, Slip the two o-rings over a new coil and slide them down over the big holes. Now they appear to cover the holes completely but there is still a slight gap at the top. This has worked for me with the gurgling / flooding issue. With the o-rings in place the coil now wicks better and I don't get dry hits even though it appears the holes are completely blocked off. However they still don't last as long as the older coils.
  • I am a fairly new vapor. I borrowed my friends old one for a while then decided to by my own. I was using my friends protank 2. My first tank I just purchased is the Aspire Nautilus mini with the BVC coils. Sad to say, I think I'd rather have the protank 2. These stupid coils constantly flood so bad I can't even really take a hit. They are so flooded they won't hardly vape. This happens within a day. At least I could vape on the protank 2 coils and they were super easy to rebuild. I'm so disappointed I don't think I'll ever purchase an Aspire tank again!
  • @sacramentum: strange how people have totally different experience with the same coils, tanks and similar liquid recipes. I have gone thru tens of Nautilus coils, with both small/large holes, I vape Liqua and homemade juices with 50/40 PG/VG ratio (I usually use 1.6 and 1.8ohm coils, sometimes also 1.2ohm triton minis) and have had, like, two-three spits? Tried also thicker (higher VG ration) juices, no problem. For me, gurgling only happens when juice is low so air can enter the tank thru the coil holes when the tank is tilted (--> loss of negative pressure).

    Conclusion: for me the coils work great no matter how thick the juice is. No spitting as well.

    I am in no way associated with aspire. Just a consumer for whom their tanks and coils (Nautilus, Triton) work just fine.
  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    We will pass your kind using feedback to our engineer department.
    After every day testing,we have no problem with larger airflow hole coils.
    But,we will increase the testing sample quantity to make sure.

    Have a nice day!
  • i have tried these new designed coil and when firing the nautilus tank spits liquid into the mouth the older type were great .i liked the old type that much i now have 11 nautilus clearomizers but i wont be able to use them if i cannot get the old coils this will cost a lot of dollars to buy other need to stop saying there is nothing wrong with them and do something
  • I can only fully and in total agree to the two writers above of me. I use Nautilius Mini and respective coils (BVC) for about two months already. I know, that duration of coils heavily depends on several details such as liquid, voltage used, frequency of puffs, etc.

    However, since I (have to) use (because there are no alternatives) the big hole coils with 1.8 resistence, I have a 50% reduced lifetime period of coils. I would assume, that my steam behavior did not change so dramatically from the small hole ones to the big hole ones. And I also agree to the spitting of liquid issue described above, the big hole ones are doing this independtly from voltage or period of utilization.

    I.e. the coils with the big holes have a serious quality issue, which I really dislike :evil: because the price demanded for a 5 piece replacement package is too high as if I would be willing to change coils every three to four days.
    And by the way: On one side of the 5 piece replacement package you write " sure to use a new replacement atomizer within two weeks (500 puffs per day)". This is not a good joke :roll: . I never ever had 500 puffs a day but also the small hole coils never lasted longer than one week at max before they also started to flood. And I always used the coils within specs (~4.6 - 4.8 V).

    I would be happy to receive a serious answer from aspire what they are going to do with this. My E-Cig dealer confirmed also that I am not the only one with this issue.

    What about a package with 100 coils? :D That would make me happy and aspire would have enough time to get rid of the quality problem before I had to buy again?! ;)
  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire.
    The coils are the consumables, the use frequency, battery voltage, the PG:VG proportion of e-liquid all can impact the coils' life.
    Many users use the product without reading our manual, the coils are not screw into the hardware tightly, it will burn out quickly.
    Please check the tank and the coils carefully,if the coil is screwed to the base hardware tightly.If not,the leaking problem will happen.
    If the seals on the tank and the coil are all right here,no lost or no broken.
    If there is crack on th glass tube.Even a little crack will cause theproblem.
    What's more,please disassemble the base hardware off to check if the glass tube is connected to the upper chimney tightly.

    Here are our chief engineer suggestion to use our products correctly:
    For our 1.6ohm coils,the reasonable voltage is:3.3V-4.2V,use it with normal e-go battery,which have constant voltage output.
    For our 1.8ohm coils,It is better to use them with voltage adjustable battery,the voltage should be 4.2-4.8,if the voltage is too low,the quantity of heat is not enough,however the e-juice with high VG,the e-juice can not be atomized very well,then the leaking problem will happend.We usually use VG proportion less than 50%(0-30%)

    If leaking problem is happen,please disassemble the device and wash it with clean water,then let it air dry for 1-2 days.
    Then change out the old coil,make sure,the coil must screwed to the base hardware tightly.

    From the thousands of testing,the result is that there is no problem for the coils with the big airflow hole.
    We have passed all of your feedback to our engineer department,We will do more testing in future,using larger vg proportion e-juice.

    Now customers can by the full organic cotton coil from our online store.
    Here is the link:

    Have a nice day!
  • Hi Tina (or jinnii or who else),

    thank you anyway for the reply. However I read the same text again and again in other threads so it is about to bore me to death :roll: . Don't you think it would be much more customer friendly to really read through the stated problems carefully and then maybe give an appropriate answer? I mean, in this forum alone (also read about in other forums and as stated also my dealer confirmed this issue) you have several steamers talking about the same shitty problem with your BVC coils large holer. And you just repeat the same newbie explanations again and again. This doesn't work for me. If there is no other reaction than this, I will look for an alternative product (although your old coils and the Nautilus Mini really made me happy). Making things just new to have something else than before doesn't necessarily lead to a better product. If the large holers are shit, then they are shit. Or? Mr. and Mrs. aspire? Anything else from your side?

    Thank you @ thegeodeman2005 for your tipps. Maybe I'll give it a try. :)
  • I understand why they now make the cotton BVC's. For the people flipping out over the ceramic. Question is why did they totally stop production of the ceramic ones? All this time being told they are safe. Did they find out they are harmful?
  • This is the only way I can get these new coils to work without flooding. I have to place two o-rings over the wicking holes. With the o-rings in place it now wicks better without flooding.
    Only time I would get a dry hit is if I over fill the tank but that happened also with the old BVC's. To correct the dry hit I just place my finger over the air hole of my nautilus and blow into the drip tip making a couple bubbles rise up in the tank. That gets the wicking material saturated again. Once I get a air pocket in the tank its fine.
  • Mine don't flood but they have an aweful dry burnt taste. They don't last and every other hit has the horrid taste. Juice turns dark..have not got one of the new cotton ones to work past a half tank. Used them all up thinking it was bad coils but it is just the coils suck
  • I am a fairly new vapor. I borrowed my friends old one for a while then decided to by my own. I was using my friends protank 2. My first tank I just purchased is the Aspire Nautilus mini with the BVC coils. Sad to say, I think I'd rather have the protank 2. These stupid coils constantly flood so bad I can't even really take a hit. They are so flooded they won't hardly vape. This happens within a day. At least I could vape on the protank 2 coils and they were super easy to rebuild. I'm so disappointed I don't think I'll ever purchase an Aspire tank again!
  • Yes my friend the same problem with leaking and gurgling I've had to take two rubber seals off old burnt out coils and place over the air holes and it vaporing perfectly fine now.but this is not good enough.
  • I had this problem too, both with small-hole and wide-hole coils. The problem seems to be that the tank does not hold negative pressure.

    And fails to do so because there seems to be an o-ring missing inside the inner tube where the top lip of the coil sits when the tank is screwed together and air can freely enter the tank from the top instead of bubbling from the bottom (from the holes in coil). If you unscrew the top part and look inside its inner tube, there is even a groove which looks like a seating for some kind of an o-ring (which is never there).

    The solution: take a flat o-ring from the cheapest plastic 501 drip tip (mind you, only some drip tips have this type of o-ring, it must be flat in cross-section, not round!) and, using a sharpened match or wooden toothpick, slowly work it down (or rather up) the inner tube of the upper hardware until it completely disappears in the groove so that the top lip of the coil will sit against the o-ring when you assemble the tank.

    I have 7 nautili fixed this way and not a single gurgle as such - of course some liquid always gathers in the base sooner or later and has to be blown out or dried, but no real gurgling.

    Credits for the tip go to Mark Stuart and his comments on youtube...a guy called daveruky even made a vid based on Mark's suggestion:
  • Just a remark related to my previous post - in the video, daveruky used an o-ring from an old coil instead of a drip tip gasket (as Mark originally suggested) and this solution reportedly works as well.
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    This is all good advice, thanks very much.

    It could be a bit confusing for anyone new to the problem as the above mods cover two different problems.

    The first is when you change to the newer BVC coils for the Nautilus (with the bigger juice holes) and you find that it suddenly gurgles, over saturates and possibly leaks a bit from the bottom - this can be cured by thegeodeman2005 excellent idea of placing two O-rings over the juice holes on the outside of the coil - It does work, I use the method all the time.

    The second problem, which undoubtedly can give the same or worse symptoms, is when there is a poor seal between the top of the coil and the inside of the chimney so that juice can seep into the top of the coil and air can come back the same route. Now I must say that I have NOT experienced this on any of my Nautili as it is a screwed connection, but I have had this problem with a Triton which is not threaded at this joint but should have an O-ring (which is sometimes NOT fitted).

    Either way it is all sound advice but I would suggest you try the cure for problem 1 first, and if that does not work then try the second version as I would think if you get the an O-ring up in that chimney joint and it is the wrong size and/or makes the problem worse it could be a pig to remove it?
  • I found a solution for spitting. No matter what you do is those new BVC coils are gargling if you use lower than 70VG even at 70VG it spits to the mouth. I did tried to use that o ring solution it worked once but needed to be fixed very well otherwise causing issues.

    What i did is, I have removed the filter from the old dead BVC coil and inserted the metal filter right under the drip-tip. Now it spits like crazy but does not reach to my mouth. So take the metal filter mesh from a dead old bvc coil, and put it under the drip-tip and then put your drip-tip.

    I read many forum threads and messages, everyone complain about big holes and a staff member from aspire keep repeating her self like a broken type saying that "Our engineer made thousand tests and no problem". Your engineer probably wants to kill your company or they really dont know what they were doing. BVC coils liquid holes are way big and causes many problems, you have lost many customers after those big holes.
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