Did I get a fake ET-S Glass version?

I am new to vaping and just bought my first Aspen product. I hope. I was using the disposable kind before. I went into a store called Vapor Station in Groveport Ohio. Their website is http://westsidevapor.com/ although I don't see your product there. I was told what I was buying was Aspire, dual coil, and glass.It was $11.99.When I got home I looked at your website and it looks exactly like an ET-S Glass version. Except it only says Aspire on the metal sleeve with no letters after it. It looks like all of them here say BDC after the word Aspire.There was no paper work or packaging. There was just a bunch in a small rack.

Have you ever produced ones that look like this that just say Aspire? I notice the ET-S is an upgrade of ET version. Did these just say Aspire and look like the ET-S?Or did I get a fake?

Any information would be appreciated.
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    Would you please attach a picture to show the difference,which will help us to make confirm.

    Have a nice day!
  • the one i bought just say aspire and nothing else is it a fake looks the same as the one on the web site the only thing is mine has aspire on it and nothing else. ;)
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