Nautilus Mini - Endurance of BVC Atomizer

Hey there,

I got troubles with my Nautilus Mini. I am using an Original Aspire Nautilus Mini with BVC 1,8 Ohm with an Eleaf iStick. The current settings are on 2,0 Ohm - 4,5 V and 10,5 W but I tried many different settings before to see if that was causing the issues. Normally I use the 2nd smallest Airflow setting.

For the liquid I use PG/VG (60,30,10) with 9mg and 5% aroma in it.

So whats happening is that the atomizer is usually working good for about a week. Then I am just getting less and less steam and need to use the biggest airflow setting. But soon the bvc seems to be completely blocked and I need to change it. :cry:

My buddie is using the exact same stuff and the bvs`s last for about 3-4 weeks and even longer.

I recently thought that I am holding it wrong while steaming or with too little liquid in it. So then the bvc sucks air. But I am paying attention to that and it has still happened.

I honestly dont know what will cause this problem over and over again and I dont want to get a new atomizer every week.

Any Ideas, Experience or Suggestians are highly appreciated. :?: :idea: :!:
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