Aspire Atlantis Tank with SIGELEI 50W VR2 Question


I started vaping 1 week ago. Store recommended Aspire Atlantis Tank with SIGELEI 50W VR2.

It is using aspire .5 0hms coil. it says recommended at 20-30watt.

However, I like to use my battery at lowest setting that it allows which is 2.0v at 7watts.

Is it safe to use it at that setting? or do I need to increase it to minimum 3.4v at 20watts.

I am perfectly happy vaping at 2.0v at 7watts(which shows on sigelei lcd display)

I am just concerned about safety because website recommends to use it at 20-30 watt.

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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    We suggest customers to use our Atlantis at 20-30w,it is according to normal wattage output battery.
    But for high wattage output battery like 50W/100W/150w,We are afraid that the actual output wattage is not the same as it display,it may higher that the display.
    When customer use our Atlantis with high wattage output battery,if customers can fire the Atlantis less than 20w,It is ok.

    Have a nice day!
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