Atlantis - Coil Problems ?

Hello, i've been using Atlantis for around 2 weeks now and i really enjoy the vape. Thus, i have a question, after i changed for the new coil, there's a burning-rubber taste like every time i vape. It stinks a lot and i can't enjoy the vape anymore :?
Here's the main part, before i changed my coil i cleaned the tank with running water, accidentally, the coil fell and caused it to be rinsed by the water. I read in another thread that the coil can't be washed with water. Is it the cause of the rubber taste in my tank ? or is it just a bad coil replacement that i received ? Need your help, thanks.
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  • I'm having the exact same problem. I didn't rinse mine in water but mine taste terrible and the coil is brand-spankin' new. I primed it, let it sit, etc. and no dice, still tastes disgusting.
  • Well it wouldn't be a bad coil replacement considering you dropped it in water. You do know you are suppose to put a few drips of liquid on the coil to prime it right? Otherwise you will get a permanent burning taste in your mouth.
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