Can base hardware connect pin cause performance drop?

I have 2 Nautilus tanks, both are virtually useless because they have become very weak even with new coils. I am confused why.
Even my regular ego VAPE is far more powerful than the 2 nautilus. I have tried various batteries, all these batteries worked fine with nautilus before, & they work fine with other tanks.

Now I have an Atlantis & it has been working fine. But after about 2 months now I am starting to notice the same performance drop with a new coil.

I am wondering if the base hardware pin is somehow being damaged & reducing voltage.

Is it possible, how to fix? How to check for this issue?

Many thanks!
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  • Perhaps the bottom of your base is full of gunk ?
    Try cleaning it with a q-tip.

    Have you tried all airflows ?
    When you are not straight in front of one, it gives a very weak vape too.
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