let me know if i can use your passthrough with sub ohm coils

i recently bought a cf sub ohm battery and really like it... i looked at the specs for the pass through battery https://www.aspirecig.com/products/aspir ... y-151.html and did not see the compatability of coil ohms... the reason is: i would like a passthrough to use while the sub ohm is charging... the coils (dual/parrallel 28ga kanthol a1 wire) i make come out to between .45 and .65 ohms...

thanks -
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    @crains The CF passthrough battery supports passthrough charging.To lengthen the life of the battery,we do not recommend vaping while charging
    What's more,CF passthrough is not designed for subohm coil.For the output wattage is not enough to support subohm coil.CF passthrough battery:we suggest 1.5-1.7ohm coil.
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