liquid being drawn up in driptip why?

my nautilus mini seems to suck up liquid into the driptip what am I doing wrong?
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  • Probably not doing anything wrong. Some liquid will come into the tip because of condensation of the vapor. Also, laying the device on it's side can let some liquid seep out of the coil, then it may drip "up" the tip.

    No big deal. Clean it, rinse with water (do not rinse the coil!) and vape on.
  • I just purchased 2 new 1.8 coils, resistance on my MVP shows 1.9 and no matter what i do, i keep having this same issue you mentioned. The holes on these new coils are larger and continuing to cause flooding issues...which leads to liquid in the mouth. I sure hope i get an answer to the thread i just submitted because so many are having this same issue.
  • I believe the larger holes on the newer coils are the problem. There are many reports on other forums that the new coils are causing flooding issues. I have about 8 of the old style coils and they are working great.
  • Rocketman, i've seen you post over at ECF fact, we both replied to the same thread about the issue with these coils.

    It seems Aspire has really messed up on these new ones. I checked the forum on here and it's flooded with problems similar to what we've had....yes, flooded...just like the new BVC coils! ha
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