CF Sub ohm is brand new and wont charge!!! HELP!!!

I purchase a CF Sub ohm on Tue 2/3/2015 used the charge it came with then tried to charge it and it wont charge! Its been on the charger for 18 hours and hasn't charged at all! Ive looked for a customer service number on this website and didn't find one! How can I get this fixed? Someone please contact me!! Id really like to speak with somebody over the phone!!!!!!!
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    If customers have any problems with our prodcuts,they need suggestions,they can post on our forum or send mail to our service
    How did you confirm the battery won't charged?
    Did you use our original charger to charge the battery?
    Did you use the battery before you charging it?
    Did you connect the charger to computer to charge or did you connector the USB charger to a adaptor to wall to charge the battery?
    If use adaptor,did the adaptor original?
    What is the capacity of your USB charger and adaptor?

    Have a nice day
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